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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


11. is that all i am to him


Taylor's POV


"You're a way better driver than I am." Austin laughs. I giggled.


"So where are we going?" I asked him.


"Just turn right." He smiled. I turned to the right and saw a mall center. 


"Okay find a parking spot." He told me.


"Okay." I agreed. I parked at the nearest parking space.


We both got out of the car and headed inside the mall. 


"Where do we go now?" I asked him.


"Let's go to the arcade." He smiled like a little boy. It was so adorable.


-At the arcade-


"I'm so beating you!" I cheered. We were on the last round of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and I was winning.


"Oh no you're not!" Austin disagreed. I laughed.


"Winner, Player 1!" said the machine.


"Yes!" I cheered.


"Hey! I let you win." Austin smirked.


"Whatever, Mahone." I playfully punched him. 


"Ow!" he says, imitating a girly girl.


"Austin?!" I hear a girl yell.


Austin turns around.


"Julia...hey!" Austin waves at the girl.


"Austy! I was wondering why you weren't answering any of my calls or texts....but now I see why." She gives me a death glare.


"Julia, it's not what it looks like. I was busy yesterday, meeting my publicist and all. She's my publicist's daughter, that's all." Austin explained.  I couldn't help but get hurt when he said that. Was that all he thinks of me? "The publicist's daughter?" 


"Well, I'll be leaving you two alone now." I forced a fake smile, even though inside it hurts. I walked away from them and texted my mom to come pick me up. I told my self not to fall, I'm making that a promise...


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