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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


3. i want to get out of here


-The day of the move-


Taylor's POV


Nothing matters anymore. The thought of your longtime boyfriend cheating on you is unbearable. How could he do that? 


I grabbed the last of my suitcases and ran to the car. Makenna was standing beside it. She's tearing up. I walked up to her and hugged her. I haven't told her about what happened to me and Chris.


"I'm gonna miss you the most." I said still hugging her. I pulled away and wiped the tears off her face.


"You have to Skype with me every weekend, okay? Have fun. And NEVER ever forget me." She forces a smile. 


"Okay. And you know me, I'll never forget my sister." I hugged her once more and walked to the car. My mom was waiting for me. 


"You're gonna love, Miami." She smiled. 


"I just wanna be away from here, Mom." I looked out the window and waved "bye" to my best friend. Maybe Miami won't be so bad.




We finally got to our building me and my mom are gonna be living in. After 12 hours of riding and driving, I'm exhausted. Me and mom decided to get out bags in the morning. It's 11:30. I ran up to our condo and fell asleep.


Austin's POV


We got new neighbors. A woman and a girl probably my age. I didn't see the girl's face though. Maybe I should say hi to them. They're probably exhausted and needs some sleep. Maybe in the morning.


-The next morning-


I hear a moving van's door open up. I look out the window that had a perfect view of the parking lot. It was the new neighbors. I grabbed my hat and ran down to help them.


"Hi. You guys need any help?" I asked. The woman and the girl turned around at the same time.


"Yes please." said the mom. The girl looked at me and smiled. She was gorgeous. 


"Anything." I smiled. I grabbed a box and helped them.


-30 minutes later-


We just finished bring up their boxes. They live in the building cross from mine. I haven't talked to the girl. Maybe I should.


"Hey guys, I have to go buy some groceries. Can you help unpack?" the mom asks me.


"Yes of course." I replied, smiling. The mom went to their car, leaving me and the girl alone. Maybe we can get to know each other.

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