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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


23. he's back


Austin's POV


"Taylor! Wait!" I grabbed her hand and she turns to me again.


"What Austin?!" She yells.


"What's you're problem? If you like me why'd you go for Alex?" I asked her.


"Why?! Because I was just some girl to you. Nothing special, at least Alex makes me feel special." She explained. I totally blew it. I risked my chance with my true love.


"I have to go back to my boyfriend." She says running back to the table. I followed her and sat by Julia. Alex approached.


"Hey babe, wanna go eat outside?" Taylor asked Alex.


"That'll be great. Bye guys." Alex and Taylor went away.


"What was that about?" Taylor said.


"I have to go, my mom needs me." I lied.


"Oh okay bye." She said kissing me.


Julia's POV


I watch as Austin walked away. That Taylor girl taking him away from me. Time for me to take away something from her...Alex. I need to call Sarena.


I pulled out my phone and dialed her number.


"Hey Sarena. Do you want Alex back?"


"OMG! Yess! I regret everything." 


"Then you better come now. He's all over a new girl."

"WHAT?! I'll be there soon."


Taylor's POV


This is so fun. Back home in Dallas, we weren't allowed to eat outside. Alex looks so cute. He eats like a pig, which is so cute. 


"Hunny, you have some sauce on your face." I grabbed a napkin and wiped his face with it.


"You have something on your lips." He smiled.


"Where?!" I asked, wiping my lips.


"Here." he leans forward and kisses me in the lips. I smiled.


"You're smooth Mr. Constancio." I winked.


This is perfect. I mean except for the Austin issues. But other than that nothing can ever break us up. Well maybe people from out past, but that's never gonna happen.

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