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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


19. hell hole school

Austin's POV


"What do you mean you're going to school here?" I asked him.


"I'm going to school with Taylor, to protect her from the bad people. I want her to be content in her school. I'm staring tomorrow. I already had my mom transfer me. I'm not going back to La Verina yet." He smiled. He really was in love with her. I can't take her away from him, but he took her away from me. Ugh! I'm so stupid!


"Then...then I'm going with you. I'll go to school too." I told him. What?!?!Crap!


"Really?" He questions me. I nodded.


"I'll get my mom right on it." I told him. 


"But Austin what about your career?" He asked.


"I can make time." I smiled. Anything for Taylor...


-The Next Day-


Taylor's POV


I woke up,changed and ate breakfast. I talked to my mom about what happened yesterday and to my surprise she was fine with it. 


"Alex is a keeper." She smiled. Yes, yes he is.


"Bye mom. See you later, I'm going back to the hell hole, you call "School" " I said to my mom, sarcastically.


"Have fun, hunny." My mom smiled. I gave her a fake glare and opened the door. I jumped to the sight of Alex and Austin...with backpacks on.


"Where are you guys going?" I asked them.


"School." They both said in unison. I smiled at that.


"Why?" I asked.


"Well, I didn't want you to have another bad day, so I'm going with you from now on." Alex smiled. I walked up to him and kissed him. 

"You're amazing." I smiled. I looked at Austin, who had his right hand on a fist. What's wrong with him?


"What about him?" I asked Alex. I didn't wanna talk to Austin, I'm still mad at him.


"He's going with me. Just in case." Alex smiled. 


"Oh okay." I turned around. Alex held my hand and we started walking to my car.


"Hey, why don't we use my car?" Austin offers. I kept my mouth shut.

"Sure. Can I drive though? You're kinda bumpy." Alex joked.


"What about you gi-girlfriend? She's a great driver." I see Austin smile. What was he expecting out of me? I turned away.


"Nah, I'll drive." Alex took Austin's keys and I drove in the back, while Austin rode shotgun. 


I'm not ever gonna say a word to that jerk face.



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