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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


20. first day of school


Austin's POV


All of this is my fault. Ugh! Now she's not even talking to me. I feel so stupid. All I want is her. But to see how much she makes Alex so happy, it's killing me. That should be me.


"Okay we're here." Alex announced as we parked at the school's parking lot. He gets of and I follow. I start to open the door for Taylor, but Alex beat me to it.


"Ready, babe?" Alex askedTaylor. She smiles. Her beautiful smiled.

Taylor's POV


I took Alex's hand and we walked into the school together...also Austin was there. I could feel head turn to us.


"Just smile and wave babe." Alex smiled. I nodded.


"Austy!!!!" I hear a familiar squealed voice say.

"Julia?!" Austin said, surprised.


"I can't believe you came to school for me." She smiled. So that's why...


"What? ...I mean sure.." Austin trailed off.


"That's Julia?" Alex asked.


"You must be Alex.." Julia studied.


"Hey babe let's go to first period, ya?" I forced a smile.


"Sure." Alex nodded. We headed to first period English. Austin probably needed time with his girlfriend.


Austin's POV


Now what. I didn't know Julia went to school here. I didn't come for her, I came for Taylor. Ugh! Why?!?! Now Taylor thinks that I don't care about her.


"Austy, I missed you." Julia squeals.


"I missed you too babe." I faked a smile.


The bell rings.


"I have to go. Can't miss class on that first day of school right?" I smiled and tried to find Alex and Taylor. I didn't have the same first period as them My phone buzzed. It was a text from Alex.


Alex:"Meet us at lunch. Kay?"


Me: "Kay bro." 

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