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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


5. first day in Miami


Taylor's POV


I walk into my bedroom. It's bigger than my older one. It's amazing. My mom got it painted with my two favorite colors, turquoise and red. It looks lovely. I go to my window and opened lifted the shade up for some air. I walked to my night stand and turned on my stereo. I played Starships by Nicki Minaj.


Austin's POV


I opened my shade and saw Taylor dancing around her room. She's really good. I can't help but smile. She didn't seem to notice me. I didn't even know her window was across from mine. 


Taylor's POV


I turn to my window and see Austin on his laptop. Did he see me dancing? I blushed at the thought. Austin turns to me and waves "Hi" I waved back. He grabs a notebook and a sharpie and write something down. He flips it over and held it up.


It said "You're a great dancer."


So he did see me. I'm so embarrass. I closed my shade instantly after he closed his. That was awkward, but fun. Maybe we'll become best friends. I've never had a guy best friend before.


-The Next Day-


"RING RING RING!" I hear my alarm blare. It's my official first day here in Miami, not first day of school but first day in Miami. I changed into shorts and a tank top and put my hair up in a messy bun. 


I ran downstairs for some breakfast. I can smell the bacon and eggs. Yum! My mom is a really great cook. But she works as a Publicist, she's meeting a client today.


"Good morning, mom!" I cheered.


"Someone woke up on the RIGHT side on the bed today." She smiled.


"It's just, my bedroom is amazing. Thanks you." I thanked her.


"You're welcome hun." She replied, "Hey since it's your first day, why don't you come with me to meet my client."


"Sure, what's you're client's name?" I asked her.


"Michele Mahone." She smiles.


"Oh cool. When are we going?" I questioned.


"In 30 minutes." She replied.


I nodded my head and ate my breakfast. I couldn't wait to go to work with my mom.

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