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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


26. dont burn the house down


Taylor's POV


"Awwww." I hear Louis awe. I turn back to the computer with the gift and sat back on my chair.


"So who's this Austin boy?" Niall asked. He was curious.


"He's just this boy..." I blushed.


"She likes him and obviously he likes her." Liam said bluntly. Which made me blush harder. Niall looked rather pissed. He walked back to his room.


"What's up with him?" I asked.


"Nothing...he's Niall. He's probably hungry or something." Harry said.


"See ya in a week babe!" Louis cheered. Harry hit him in the arm.


"What?!...OOOOOOO never mind that Taylor. Pretend I said nothing." Louis flushed.


"Gotta go bye!" Liam turned the cam off and our chat ended. That was unusual...


I ran back to my get and took out the chocolate Austin gave me, Ferrero Rocher. How did he know these were my fave? I took my phone and dialled his number. 


"Hello?" He picked up.


"Hey you wanna come over my house for dinner?" I asked, hesitant.


"Yeah sure of course." I can hear his smile.


"Great, see you at 9?" I asked.


"I'll be there." He answered. I hung up and ran to the kitchen. 


My mom was standing there all dressed up. 


"Hey mom where you going?" I asked.


"To a meeting,It's for Austin's career." She smiled.


"Is it okay if I invite him over?" I asked.


"Sure...but no touchy touchy." She smirked.


"MOM!" I laughed and nodded.


"Okay well I have to go...oh and are you gonna make dinner?" She asked.


"Uhm....yeah?" I half smiled.


"Okay...just promise me you won't burn the house down." She smiled before closing the door leaving me alone in the house.

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