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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


27. dinner with Austin


-9 o'clock-


The door bell rings. I finally finished getting ready...unfortunately the food isn't quite ready. I forgot to frost the cake. I ran to the door and opened it revealing Austin, he was wearing a flannel shirt and black pants with red supras. He looked really cute. He was carrying flowers. Roses, my favorite.


"Hey." I greeted. I could feel my self blushing.


"Hey." He scratchs his neck. I can tell he's nervous. 


"Come in." I told him.


"Here's some flowers."He smiles and hands me the flowers. We walked in and I closed the door. 


"You look amazing." I told him.


"You look beautiful." He stops and turns to look at me. "Yup."


The ringer ringed and I ran all the way to the kitchen in my wedges and accidentally tripped. I fell to the ground.


"Ow." Came out of my mouth. There was pain in my ankle. I think I broke it....I feel my eyes water. Austin runs to me and picks me up. He wipes the counter off and sits me there.


"Where's your first-aid kit?" He asked me,panicking. I pointed to the cabinet and Austin instantly runs there and back. He wrapped my foot up. It was hurtful.


"Sorry about this. I'm such a clutz." I played off.


"No, your just fragile." He smiles. Then suddenly, the bell rings. 


"Piggy back?" Austin smirked. I nodded. I got on his back and we made our way to the door. I opened the door and found someone unexpected.


"Hello love." He says.

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