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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


10. day with austin


Taylor's POV


-3 hours later-


We're finally back home. I'm so tired. I had a great day with Austin. 


"How was your day with Austin?" my mom asked.


"It was great." I smiled. I couldn't help it.


"Aren't you suppose to be skyping with Makenna tonight?" She reminded me.


"Oh yeah!" I remembered. I ran to my room and turn my mac book on. I instantly went on Skype. I checked my phone for messages but there was none. She wasn't online on Skype either. I dialed Makenna's number. No answer. Maybe she fell asleep. Then suddenly my phone buzzes, It was a text from some unknown number.


Hey, It's Austin. I kinda stole your number.


I smiled at the text. I probably look like an idiot smiling at my phone, which I was.


T (Taylor): Hey, it's okay(:

A (Austin): Hey I was wondering...

T: What?

A: Since you're knew in town, maybe I could spend the day with you and show you around?

T: I'd love that(:

A: Great. Well I have to go. Goodnight sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite.

T: Night, Austin(:


I placed my phone on my nightstand. I was so tired that I instantly fell asleep.


- The Next Day-


"TAYLOR! AUSTIN IS HERE!" my mom yelled. I had just woke up thanks to her. Austin is here?!?!!?! I realized. I ran to the bathroom, brush my teeth, changed into some new clothes and ran downstairs to meet him.


"Good morning." He smiled as our eyes meet.


"Hey, morning!" I cheered.


"Where are you two going?" my mom asked.


"I'm just gonna show her around." He smiled.


"Okay. Well, Taylor bring some milk when you get back." My mom tells me. I nodded my head and me and Austin headed out to his car.A brand new red mustang.


"Who's driving?" I asked.


"Do you wanna?" He asked, smiling. I nodded my head and smiled. 


"OMG! Yes!" I cheered. Austin threw his keys for me to catch. I caught them. He's so sweet. I never had a boy let me drive their car before, they always so worried about me hurting it like it was a person.

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