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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


14. date with alex


I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. I got up and changed and got ready for ice cream with Alex. 


His a pretty cool guy, but I am NOT letting myself fall for him, like I did with Austin.


Austin's POV


'Where are you going today?" I asked Alex.


"Going to meet that girl I told you about." Alex said with a huge smile on her face. He must REALLY liker her.


"Oh Catie?" I smirked. He blushed. Okay he doesn't like this girl, he's in love with her.


"Do you wanna come with?" He asked.


"Nah bro. Go for this girl." I smiled. I'm happy for him. Alex grabbed his phone and his hat and headed out the door.


Taylor's POV


I drove mom's car all the way to the ice cream shop Austin took me too. I got out of the car and saw Alex sitting by himself. I thought it was really cute. I stopped when I saw a girl, wearing skimpy clothes, go to Alex. They talked and I saw Alex shook his head. I walked in.


"Hey Alex." I waved. The girl turns around and gives me a disgusted look.


"Her?!" She seem to be asking Alex.


"Yes her." Alex said smiling at me. The girl stormed off the ice cream shop.


"What was that about?" I giggled.


"Oh nothing." He smiled. I just let it slide off.


"Let's get some ice cream.


-30 minutes later-


"So ho-" Alex looked up and smiled. "Austin!"

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