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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


13. bumping into alex


Austin's POV


I've been calling and texting her all day. I guess she wants nothing to do with me now. 


The doorbell rings. I wonder who it is. I ran to the door and opened it. It was Alex.


"Alex?" I asked.

"Nice to see you again too, Austin." He said, sarcastically.I smiled and gave him a hug.


"Alex! What are you doing here?" asked my mom who was walking to the door.


"Please come in." I smiled letting Alex in. 


"Dude, how's things with you and Julia?" he asked. Great.

"It's good." I faked a smiled.

"Guess what?"  he says. He looks excited.


"What?" I asked, curiously.


"I just met the love of my life." Alex smiled.

"What about Sarena?" I asked him.


"She broke up with me a month ago." He answered, giving no emotion. He suddenly smiles.


"Who's the girl?" I asked him.

"A girl named Katie." He smiled. Katie? Who's Katie?

"That's awesome, so why are you here bro?" I asked him.


"I felt like going away from Texas for a while. Spend time with my bro." Alex smiles


"Good to have you here." I patted his head.


- 2 days later - 


Taylor's POV


I haven't talked to Austin in two days. I'm started school in on Monday. I'll hate school. I know it.


Someone knock on my bedroom door. 


"Come in!" I yelled. Still my eyes on my laptop.


"Hey, can you go get some stuff for me at the store?" My mom told me.


"Sure." I smiled. Maybe I should go out of the house more often. Maybe make some new friends. I grabbed my jacket and the car keys, my mom handed me a list of stuff and I was off to Wally world. 


-At Wal Mart-


I need to find some nutella. I ran around to see where it was. I accidentally bump into someone and fall down the floor. 


I opened my eyes and see that boy, Alex on top of me.


"Hi.." I smiled.


"Hey..." He got up and helped me up.


"Thanks." I thanked him.


"Hey, I haven't seen. I thought I would never." He said. I can tell he was a bit nervous.


"Yup.." I trailed so.


He clears his throat.


"Hey, since I'm new in town, wanna go get some ice cream tomorrow or something?" He asked.


"Of course..sure." I smiled. It reminded me of my first day here. Austin. "Where's you're phone?"


"Oh here." He handed me his phone and I put my number in and smiled. 


"I have to go." I waved bye to him and went back to finding that nutella.


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