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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


12. alex


Austin's POV


I just watched her leave. I knew I had hurt her feelings. I didn't mean to.


"What was that about?" Julia asked.


"She's my new neighbor." I told her.


"I thought you said she was your publicist's daughter?" Julia said, giving me a confused look.


"She's also that..." I trailed off. And more..., I thought to myself.


"Well, I missed you." She ran up to me and hugged me. She kissed me in the lips. Julia was my girlfriend, also the recording deals dealer's daughter. I don't know If I had feelings for her anymore.


"I have to go. My mom called me a few minutes ago. I need to meet with some fans." I pulled away and hugged her.


"Okay, well call me." She smiled. Julia was beautiful, but Taylor  was too. I'm torn. I ran, hoping she'd Taylor would still be here. I stopped when I saw her. She was getting into a car. It's probably her mom's.


Taylor's POV


"Hunny? What's wrong?" My mom asked. 


"Nothing. Austin had to do something important." I lied.

"Well, he is a popstar." mom smiled.


"Yeah..." I trailed off. We drove away, back to our house.


-At night-


Austin has texted and called me. But I don't feel like it. My phone rings again. It's probably Austin. I looked at it and it was a text from Chris.


Taylor, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have cheated on you. It's true. You never truly know what someone is worth to you until they're gone out of your life. I miss you...


I felt my eyes get watery. Did I want him back? Of course I did. He was my first love. But what he did was wrong. I'm not falling for it all over again.


Someone rings the doorbell.

"I'll get it Momma!" I yelled. My mom was making dinner.


It opened the door. It was a boy about my height, just a bit shorter. 


"Hi..." He slightly smiles.


"Uhm...can I help you?" I asked him, with a smile.


"It seems that I got into the wrong room." He blushed.


"What room are you looking for?" I asked.


"Room 2" He informs me.


"What building?" I asked.


"Building B?" He told me.


"This is building A" I giggled.


"Oh." He laughed. " Okay  thank you, I'm Alex by the way." 


"I'm Taylor." I told him. He smiled and ran to the other building. I wonder who's room he's going to.


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