Love Is Here (1D One Shot)

Makenzie had always been the girl on the side or the girl sitting under a tree alone during school. She never had a boyfriend nor has ever fell in love. She doesn't plan on it either. But what would happen if she ran into Harry Styles?


1. Love Is Here


                          Everyone at school just goes on about Valetine's Day at my school. Just because they are in love! It s so annoying and I hate it! Stupid people! As everyone sits with there boyfriends and girlfriends for lunch I sit alone against the wall that faces the windows. Some people think I should talk to someone but no one understands that I like being alone. It is peaceful and don't have to get into drama.

                           Most of all I don't have to fall in love. Love is a horrible thing. Well it is to me. You have to make a comitment to a guy that you like and buy them stuff for special occasions. Sounds stupid......The bell rang signaling that it was time to go back to class. My next class was math. I suck at math. I just don't get the converting of deciamls and fractions. It just makes my head all messed up and I can't concentrate! I might be exaggerating a bit, but it just really confuses me!

                           I sat at my desk in the very back. There was an open seat beside me. I was alone in the back corner. Just the way I liked it. Quiet and peaceful!

                          Mrs.Scottler was talking on and on about decimals when we heard a knock on the door. She opened up the door and said joyfully "Well welcome Mr.Styles! We are glad to have you!  Come on in and take the open seat in the back!" Oh no. That open seat was next to me! My quiet and peaceful place was going to be ruined by this boy! I officially hate boys!Mrs.Scottler stepped aside and motioned the boy to come inside! In came a curly brown haired boy with bright green eyes! He even had dimples. It was just disgusting! I hope he doesn't talk to me!

                        The boy made is way back towards me to take the open seat. I didn't give him any eye contact as he sat down. I didn't even want to recognize he was there. I felt a tapping on my shoulder. I turned to the boy looking at me. He asked "I am Harry! Who might you be?" I rolled my eyes and anwsered roughly "Well Harry, I am Makenzie! And why might I ask why are you talking to me?" He looked confused and just turned back to face the front of the room.

                        Soon it was time to leave. I packed up my stuff quickly before he could talk to me. As I was rushing down the hallway I heard my name being called. I sighed and quickly turned around to face whoever was talking to me. I turned to see Harry running up to me. I asked rudely "What do you want?" He sighed and said "Please, I want to be your friend! I was one of those people at my other school that always was alone! I understand! Just please I want to be your friend!" He had just crossed the line! "NO! You don't know anything about me! You just like got here! You know nothing about me!" Harry shook his head and took a step closer to me. He slowly said "You may not think that I don't know but I do. This is how I acted! I don't even know why I am telling you this! I guess it is because I truly want to be your friend! So please!" I took a moment to think about this. I sighed deeply and replied to him "Fine. But if you mess up never talk to me ever again!" He smiled and brought me into a hug. I didn't really hug him I just lightly patted his back.

                         He grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the school. I asked "What are we doing?" He just hushed me as he brought me up to a  black convertable. I asked "This is yours?" He laughed and said "Yes and now get in!" I silently growled to myself and got into the passengers side. He got into the drivers seat and started the car. He put the car in reverse and pulled out of the school's parking lot. We drove down towards the main road and turned right. I quickly said "Stop! I live the other way!" He looked at me and raised an eyebrow. He said "And? Who said I was taking you home?"  I huffed loudly as we drove down the road. Finally we pulled up to a purple and yellow striped building. I asked "What is this?" He laughed and said "Come on! I have always loved these places!"

                        He had dragged me into the building! And you know what I saw? It was a huge ball pit place for kids! "Seriously Harry!" He laughed and headed towards the deepest pit. I followed closely behind. I looked into the pit. It was atleast 3 feet over my head and I was like 5'7. Suddenly I felt myself flying in air! I looked back to see a laughing Harry. I screamed and landed into the ball pit. I sunk to the bottom. I guess it wasn't that bad.I crawled on the floor of th pit to a corner. I heard Harry yell "We are going to play hide'n' seek. I will be the seeker and you  since your already hiding." This was going to be fun.

                           It has been an hour and Harry still hasn't found me. I am being a spy. I will get close to him when he doesn't expect it. When he leaves that spot I will sit there since he has already checked it. This is actually really fun. I am surprised. I heard Harry get out of the pit. He yelled "I quit! That's right I quit!" I laughed and found the stairs to get out. I looked to see Harry pouting at me! I said excitedly "Thats was so much fun!" He said sarcastically "Yeah. Haha. Now lets get going! It is getting pretty late now!" I nodded as we headed back to his convertable.

                           The ride to my house was loads of fun! I am pretty sure I laughed so hard that I got a six pack while doing it! It even hurts to smile! I never thought friendship would be like this!

                            A few days have passed and Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Harry and I are best friends! We are inseperable! I have never  had a bestfriend! And let me tell you, it is amazing!

                         Harry and I were eating lunch when he suddenly said "Hey I hope you don't mind but since Valentine's Day is tomorrow I would like to take you out! It will be fancy so wear something nice and I will be picking you up at 5:00pm!" I laughed and asked "I don't really have a choice do I?"  He chuckled and responded "Nope! Besides I already made reservations to an awesome resteraunt!" I giggled and nodded! Tomorrow would be awesome!

                      Harry drove me home. I ran upstairs not even telling my parents that I was home.I started to dig through my closet. There was barely anyhting in there. I then ran downstairs. I yelled "Mom! I need you now! It's urgent." I heard her call back "Honey, I am in the kitchen!" I ran into the kitchen to see her stirring up a pot of soup. I asked "Mom can I have money to buy a dress for tomorrow! I am going out with my friend!" She smiled sweetly and said "Sure! And I will drive you to the mall right now! Let's go!"

                      My mother and I walked through the mall trying to find a good dress store. We made our way to JC Penny's. I looked through racks of dresses until I came upon a cute little dress! The dress had a vanilla white on the top and at my waiste it went to a cute chocolate brown that made the dress so beautiful! I said to my mom "I found the perfect dress!" I grabbed the dress and we checked out.

                       The rest of the day went by so fast. All I remember was taking a shower and going to sleep.

                      I woke up the next morning with a big smile on my face. It was Saturday which meant there was no school! And......Harry was taking me out to eat! I was so excited! I never knew I could become bestfriends with someone in less than a week!

                     I ran into the bathroom and took a long soothing shower. I washed my hair so many times! I lost track after six! I just wanted tonight to be perfect!

                     I dried myself and got dressed. I walked downstairs and got somebreakfast. I put some bread in the toaster. I waited a few minutes until I heard the toaster beep.I took the toast out of the toaster and put it on a plate. I grabbed the nutella jar from the cabinet and grabbed a butterknife from untencil drawer.

                     I ate my food while watching Spngebob. Spongebob was an awesome show. I still love it even though most people say it is made for  little kids.

                     Some time went by and it was 2:30pm. I had spent the whole time watching Spongebob. I know. I am addicted to that show! To pass some more time by I decided to take a nap. I went upstairs and set my alarm clock to 4:00pm. It will take me an hour to get ready!

                     I woke up to my alarm clock beeping. I got up to look at myself in the mirror. I don't think I should take another shower because that would be like 45 minutes.

                    I changed out of the clothes that I was wearing before and put on my dress. I curled my brown hair and put a diamond bobby pin in my hair to hold back my bangs. I added mascara to my eyelashes and a little bit of eyeshodaw to my blue eyes. The light brown eyeshadow has always gone good with my blue eyes and it matched my dress so it looked perfect! To finish my make up I added some shiny lip gloss. To finish my outfit I add some vanilla white heels to match the top of my dress.

                      I looked at the time to see it was 4:55pm. I rushed downstairs to hear the doorbell ringing. I answered it to see Harry standing there in a tuxedo. He looked so cute. He said " look amazing!" I blushed and replied "Thanks! You don't look to bad yourself! He laughed and led me towards his car.

                     The drive was about 20 minutes long. We pulled up to a large building. It looked really fancy. We made our way to the entrance. I was amazed.this place was super duper fancy! Harry walked up to the lady that was taking reservations. He said "Harry Styles, reservation for two." The lady smiled and said "Right this way." She had led us to a two person table that was beside a window. It was so cute!

                     Harry asked "What do you think?" I was amazed. I replied "Harry! It is amazing!" He laughed and decided to look through the menu. I looked through mine. Everything looked good! I decided on getting some kind of pasta thy at sounded good. Harry asked 'What are you getting?" I replied "Just this pasta that sounds good." He nodded and we put out menu's down. A waitress came up to our table and asked "What would you like to drink for tonight?" Harry answered "I would like a pepsi." She looked to me and asked "Would you be wanting the same thing?" I nodded as she wrote it down on her note pad. She asked "What would you like to eat tonight? Harry anwsered "This pasta that I don't know how to pronounce and we both want it." harry showed her the menu on how to spell the pasta's name. She nodded and left.

                    Our food arrived as we ate. The pasta was actually really good. It was cheesy and really good! This is officially my favorite food.

                     When we were done eating Harry and I just talked. He suddenly said "Makenzie, I have been very nervous for this moment. I .....I... I want you to know that over this week. We have became best friends. But then we became closer and I guess I have developed some feelings for you! Makenzie I love you! And I love you so much that right now I am asking you to be my girlfriend! My one and only! Will you Makenzie, be my girlfriend?" 
                     I was stunned. I was that girl that just sat in the corner! Then Harry came! He changed me! He showed me what friendship was. To tell the truth I also have developed feelings for which I thought I  could never love anybody!

                   I looked up into Harry's dazzling green eyes and answered "Yes Harry! I would love to be your girlfriend!" We both got up and hugged each other. He then did something I would never expect. He kissed me. Right then and there. He had kissed me. But then I had kissed him back! I truly loved him! He pulled back and said "This I might say has been the best Valetine's Day ever!" I laughed and replied "I could say the same thing!" He then kissed me again.

                    I was in love. The thing I thought could never happen. I guess things happen differently then you expect.

                    Harry and I are in love. And the best thing is our love is here....... <3









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