Help Me, Help You

My name is Rachel Tyler. I'm just your ordinary girl, I have a job at Red Rooster, I have a flat in Melbourne Australia. Of course i am a big Directioner! One day as i finish another day at work, and come out of the toilets their he is.....Harry Styles.

He tells me that he thinks some guys are following him and that he needs my help. I tell him to follow me, we get away from the guys but we both have a feeling that it won't be the last time we see them.

As I show him around we get closer and become best friends but i hope that he feels something more like i do.......


3. Show me Around

Harry P.O.V

As they drove away i heard Rachel let out a sigh. I looked back at her again she was still watching the road were they drove out of. I couldn't help smile at her she was amazing she helped so much she basically saved my life, not to mention she was beautiful with her straight light brown her with her hazel eyes and her naturall pinky red lips. She looked down and saw me smiling at her, she blushed and looked away. Oh great she saw you staring and smiling at her like a freak good one Styles. She was beautiful. Wow i'm falling for her this never happens to me but now that it has i want her to be mine.


Rachel P.O.V

I looked down to see Harry smiling at me i blushed and looked away. I know what he's thinking god why is this girl still on me get her off, man she should wear more make-up or should i say wear make-up. Everyone thinks that about me i haven't had a boyfriend or a first kiss. "Oh i'm sorry i'm so heavy." I tryed to apologise to him. He just frowned at me great he already knew that idiot. I started to roll off him but he grabbed me around the waist and looked right into my eyes, and whispered, "Don't ever call yourself heavy!  Iwon't let you." I gasped why is he being so nice to me? Oh right just so that he could get me out of his life and fast.

Harry P.O.V

Why did she call herself heavy i have no idea. I let go of her waist and she got off me, i hope my hair is ok she's proberly thinking his hair is way better in photoshoots. I got up as well and tryed to fix it by flicking my hair like i usually do. I looked up and her mouth was hanging open i smiled and chuckled. She quickly looked away and blushed again she was so cute/hot. "Hey Rach can i ask you for another favour?" "Of course what is it? And Rach?" "Yeah i like it's a good nick name." "Yeah i love it! Just only my family has ever called me Rach, well most other people hate me so they have their own nick names for me." WHAT why would people do that to her she's nice pretty careing from right now i promise to help and look after her.

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