Help Me, Help You

My name is Rachel Tyler. I'm just your ordinary girl, I have a job at Red Rooster, I have a flat in Melbourne Australia. Of course i am a big Directioner! One day as i finish another day at work, and come out of the toilets their he is.....Harry Styles.

He tells me that he thinks some guys are following him and that he needs my help. I tell him to follow me, we get away from the guys but we both have a feeling that it won't be the last time we see them.

As I show him around we get closer and become best friends but i hope that he feels something more like i do.......


9. Phone Call

                                                                     *After Lunch*

Rachel P.O.V

After lunch Harry insited to pay after me saving his life which was totally over the top. He opened the door for me again and did a small bow which i again giggled and blushed for like the one thoudandth time. I knew so much more about him and he knew a lot more about me to the whole time we were talking it wasn't awkward at all. Turns out we love the same stuff such as the movies Love Actually (my faviroute part is when Hugh Grant dances in his house, and the singer who wants to hit number one on the charts.), Titanic (Leinardo Di Caprio amazayne) and he loves cats so do i he wil get a shock cause my cat is proberly right know asleep on my bed wating for me to feed him. As we started to go up the stairs to my apartment out of no where it got awkward "So hey Rach umm huh do you have a boyfriend or something?" Harry asked "Oh arrr no huhh never umm had one." I blushed and looked at my feet climbing the stairs "So does that mean you have never had your first kiss either?" "No Harry i haven't i know you can laugh i'm 17 and never had a boyfriend or a first kiss...i'm just waiting for the right guy.." "I'm glad." That was totally suprising "Why? It's totally sad and something people would laugh at." "Rach the only people who laugh are jerks and jealous wishing they had done that themselves." i smiled to myself i had never told anyone that except for my two best friends who are like sisters to me i've known them since i was born they are close family friends. We finally reached my apartment i started to unlock they door when Harry grabbed my arm. He took of his sunglasses i looked right into his jade green eyes he lent in and whispered to me "I swear Rach that i hope and pray that whoever gets you loves and cares for you, you deserve it." "Harry." I turned to him and gave him the biggest hug burrying my head into his neck he laughed at that "What  do i hug weird?" "No NO you it was great you hug just like Niall does." i couldn't help but giggle Rose and Charlie always said that.

Harry P.O.V

Just then the door next to Rachel's opens. "Oh hey Rach" Racel let go of me and turned to a guy that looked about the same age as me. "Oh hey Eddi!" Rachel smiled at him i was jealous just for them talking. "Oh sorry Eddi this is Harry, Harry this is Eddi." Rachel introduced us "Hi nice to meet you" i said to him only about 10% of that was true "Hey have i seen you somewhere before?" i didn't want have to talk to him any longer so i gave him the sweet ending to the conversation "No i don't think so. But it was nice to meet you." "Oh ok hey Rach i'm going down to the store give me a call if you need anything and make sure no one breaks in to my place." he gave her a wink and walked off. Rach unlocked the door and walked in "So you and Eddi?" "What?" "I thought you said only family called you Rach?" "Well yeah oh Eddi is a close friend and i don't have much close friends so i add them to my family list so he calls me Rach." "Oh cool does he have a girlfriend? Or something?" "No but he occasionally has girls over." "He calls it his bachleror pad." she giggled at that i smiled at how beautiful she is "Oh he also has a room mate that only comes home occasionally i don't see him much which is sad." "Why do you like him or someething?" i asked to fast great "No i don't have much friends Harry i won't more and also he's gay so i don't have anything to worry about Eddi does though but he dosen't know he's gay which is weird." She walked me to the kitchen which was so clean and awsome! She handed it to me. I took it and dialled Louis phone number. 

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