Help Me, Help You

My name is Rachel Tyler. I'm just your ordinary girl, I have a job at Red Rooster, I have a flat in Melbourne Australia. Of course i am a big Directioner! One day as i finish another day at work, and come out of the toilets their he is.....Harry Styles.

He tells me that he thinks some guys are following him and that he needs my help. I tell him to follow me, we get away from the guys but we both have a feeling that it won't be the last time we see them.

As I show him around we get closer and become best friends but i hope that he feels something more like i do.......


12. Meeting the Boys (continued)

Rachel P.O.V

"So what have you guys got planned for your stay in Australia?" I asked it was really awkward Niall was eating, Harry was staring at me, Zayn was watching Liam, Liam was looking down and Louis was watching Niall eat. All of their heads snapped up to look at me, Louis answered me first "Well we are here for a month on tour and we are also opening the MTV awards in 2 weeks in New York so we have to fly there and fly back here again also do a bunch of interviews and stuff." "Oh wow you guys will be real busy! I'm actually interviewing all the stars for the MTV on the red carpet." I was still jumping when I was asked, I mean I have always wanted to be a actress but I love interviewing on or off camera. "Really that's really cool you will be interviewing us then." Niall said through chips. I laughed and said yeah. Before I knew it we had been talking for 2 whole hours. "Oh my gosh sorry we have been here for 2 hours Rach, we should go!" "It's alright Li it's fine." He sighed and sat back down. "Li what's wrong?" I asked what if he couldn't stand me like the rest of the boys and they just want to leave. "It's just we got kicked out of our hotel cause Loui and Niall broke something that meant something to the hotel-" "Liam is freaking out and we have no where to stay" Zayn started freaking out as well. "Guys calm down you can stay with me....that's if you want to" I quickly said and sat back down of course they wouldn't no one would want to ever. They all looked up at me from the corner of my eye I saw Harry's smile grow wider and wider. 

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