Help Me, Help You

My name is Rachel Tyler. I'm just your ordinary girl, I have a job at Red Rooster, I have a flat in Melbourne Australia. Of course i am a big Directioner! One day as i finish another day at work, and come out of the toilets their he is.....Harry Styles.

He tells me that he thinks some guys are following him and that he needs my help. I tell him to follow me, we get away from the guys but we both have a feeling that it won't be the last time we see them.

As I show him around we get closer and become best friends but i hope that he feels something more like i do.......


4. Another (Great) Favour

Rachel P.O.V

He called me Rach! No one calls me that only my family does, that mean he dosen't actually hate me?

"Anyway Rach umm those guys are properly still looking for me, and well urrm i don't know were the other lads are so basically umm i'm lost, don't have a place to stay and well umm." I giggled to myself "Yes Harry you can hang with me until you know where the lads are." "Arrr thanks." It was soo cute how he couldn't get the words out, he just blushed an smiled. "Ok now i have to find my keys!" I looked again my pockets. "Found them!" I jumped as Harry yelled out. I turned around to see a smiley Harry up my keys. I laughed and turned around to pick up my bag when a arm wrapped around my waist. I heard him whisper in my ear "I'm sorry for scarring you love." I let out a shiver when i felt his warm breath on my neck. I blushed, he chuckled when he saw my red cheeks.

Harry P.O.V

She was so cute when she blushed that didn't make it easier not to be cool around her i was so nervous and stutttering whenever i spoke to her. She unlocked her car, i quickly jumped in front of her and opened the door for her again she blushed i smirked she giggled and got into her car i closed the door and walked around her car and got into the passenger seat. 

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