Help Me, Help You

My name is Rachel Tyler. I'm just your ordinary girl, I have a job at Red Rooster, I have a flat in Melbourne Australia. Of course i am a big Directioner! One day as i finish another day at work, and come out of the toilets their he is.....Harry Styles.

He tells me that he thinks some guys are following him and that he needs my help. I tell him to follow me, we get away from the guys but we both have a feeling that it won't be the last time we see them.

As I show him around we get closer and become best friends but i hope that he feels something more like i do.......


1. Meeting Him, Meeting Her

Rachel P.O.V

"Welcome to Red Rooster, What can i get you?" I asked two boys that were next in the line. "Yes can i get one burger and a large coke." Replied one of the boys. As i started to type it into the computer i heard the boys friend whisper to the guy that got the burger "Wow Sam she is hot." "Thank You" I replied and started to get impatient after these boys my shift would be done and i could go home. "Yeah i will just have the same thanks." As i turned to get the cokes i could hear the boy named Sam laugh at his friend.

Once i gave them their food the boy Sam said "Thanks Rachel" Man i hate wearing my name tag, but to keep it cool i replied "Your welcome Sam." As they left i went around the back to swap shifts with a girl called Alice as i walked past her i smiled i felt sorry for her she is so shy. When i grabbed my bag and headed to the toilet i got my spare top to change into, to get rid of the stinky Red Rooster staff top, and went to the girls toilets to change.

Harry P.O.V

I've been walking around town now for a bit trying to shake two creepy guys in Black suites, shoes and sunglasses. Great i'm being stalked i thought to myself. I rememberd Liam telling me that there was a Red Rooster store, that had to be right around the corner from here. As i turned the corner i smiled to myslef and started to walk to the big Red Rooster. As i went in i saw the two men follow me in, quickly i ran to the area were the toilets were. I had to think quick so i ran into the girls instead of the boys to get away from them praying they didn't see me. Until i turned around and heard a flush from one of the toilets.

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