Don't Say ''I Do'' (Sequel To 1D Save Me)


Hayley and Jake's big day is coming. Niall still loves Hayley, but he trys to hide it. He is now with a girl named Kira. Wedding plans are starting. Hayley is sure this is right....kind of. She still loves Niall, but he's so much older than her, and he's famous. It would be to hard for her. Everything comes down to the ''I Do''


2. Chapter Two

I set down with Courtney on the couch in my new living room. ''Wow, this is amazing.'' She shakes her head. I nod. ''I know.'' I whisper. ''What's wrong?" She asks. I shrug. ''I just don't know, I love Niall, but at the same time I love Jake. Its so messed up I can't even try to sort out my feelings, or thoughts.'' I sigh. ''Maybe you rushed into the marriage a little bit.'' She pats my back. I slowly nod. ''You can still back out, its only been a few weeks.'' She looks at me with pity. I shake my head. ''No, its OK, Niall has Kira and I have Jake, besides we live in two different worlds.'' I say. ''Mmm, not really, I mean you lived with him for almost seven years.'' She says in her best Fat Amy voice. I laugh and shake my head. ''Either way.'' I shrug. I pull on my skinny jeans and t shirt. Slid on my converse and walk to Courtney's car.

''Oh my gosh, wedding planning is so fun!" Kira yelps excited. I agreed to let her come with me and Courtney dress shopping. Courtney stared at her, holding her ears slightly while I snorted back a laugh. ''I don't see how he could pick her over you.'' She whispers as she zips up the zipper on the tenth dress I've tried on today. I shrug and walk out into the small room. I look in the mirror and gasp at my reflection. ''This is the dress.'' I nod. I look down at Courtney and she nods happily. ''Oh, I don't know about this one.'' Kira says slightly picking up the material off the floor. ''Well, its not your wedding.'' Courtney snarls through her teeth. Kira shurgs. ''I'm just saying.'' She sing-songs. I look in the mirror. This dress hugs all my curves perfectly, the end flows down over the ground. Its perfect. ''Well I think I'm going to get this dress anyway.'' I smile. Kira shirts and Courtney smiles. 

''I can't believe that!" Jake laughs. ''Well it happened.'' I giggle. I told him about what happened earlier today with Kira. ''That makes no sense, its our wedding.'' He shakes his head. Something about that makes my belly twist, and not necessarily in a good way. ''Yeah.'' I whisper. ''Well, its getting pretty late, I think I'm gonna turn in.'' He stretches and kisses my cheek. ''Goodnight.'' He smiles. ''Night.'' I whisper. He walks into the bedroom. I lay down on the couch and watch movies until I drift to sleep.

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