Don't Say ''I Do'' (Sequel To 1D Save Me)


Hayley and Jake's big day is coming. Niall still loves Hayley, but he trys to hide it. He is now with a girl named Kira. Wedding plans are starting. Hayley is sure this is right....kind of. She still loves Niall, but he's so much older than her, and he's famous. It would be to hard for her. Everything comes down to the ''I Do''


1. Chapter One

Hayley's Point Of View 

I sigh and close the door to my old room. Jake and I are going to start living together. I look around the corner at Niall as tears gather in my eyes. This is where I grow up from age 13 until now. Niall smiles and pulls me into a bear hug. A week after I agreed to marry him he started seeing this girl he meet while on tour. Her name is Kira. She's really sweet and nice, I'm happy for them. I pull away from Ni when I hear a car horn outside. ''Well, I guess this is it.'' I whisper. Niall nods. ''If you ever need somewhere to stay this is still your home too.'' Niall smiles. I still love his smile, it makes me feel safe and whole inside. I know I'm engaged, but its true. I smile at Niall and Jake blows the horn again. ''I think I better get going.'' I giggle. I wave goodbye to Niall and Kira, who I guess lives there now. I walk outside and get into Jake's car. ''Hey beautiful.'' Jake smiles and kisses my cheek. ''Hey.'' I whisper smiling at him. He laughs and starts the car.


I step into the door of my new house. ''Home sweet home.'' Jake says proud. I laugh and look around. There is a kids room which is painted light yellow. A master's bedroom painted a mint green, and a guest room painted sunset orange. ''So, how do you like it?" Jake asks. ''Its amazing.'' I smile. He smiles and hugs me, kissing my cheek before letting me go. I walk into the kitchen and start making chicken and Noddles. After we get done eating I take a shower and put on my PJ's. ''Goodnight Hayley.'' Jake whispers as he pulls the covers over me, kissing my forehead. 


Hey loves!! So this is the first chapter for "Don't Say "I Do" I'm so excited to be writing a second book!! So for the story pictures I made an instagram for them! It's hayleyreneebellstorypictures 

I tried hayleyreneebellstorys but it was taken. Strange right? Anyway I hope you enjoy!!

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