Don't Say ''I Do'' (Sequel To 1D Save Me)


Hayley and Jake's big day is coming. Niall still loves Hayley, but he trys to hide it. He is now with a girl named Kira. Wedding plans are starting. Hayley is sure this is right....kind of. She still loves Niall, but he's so much older than her, and he's famous. It would be to hard for her. Everything comes down to the ''I Do''


3. Chapter 3


I wake up in the bed, with Jake lying next to me. ''OK then.'' I sightly laugh and slid out of bed trying not to wake him. I walk into the bathroom, which is HUGE. I take a shower and get dressed in my Jean shorts and mustache tank top. I slip on my Vans at the door and grab my car keys. I drive to the nearest Starbucks and walk in. 

''Oh hey Hayley.'' Someone said. I turn around and face Kelsey and Victoria. ''Oh hey.....'' I trail off. ''So whats been going on.'' She asks. ''As if you actually care.'' I think. ''Oh, nothing much.'' I shrug. ''I heard you are getting married, congrats.'' She smirked. ''Thanks.'' I nod. She was quite for a second, then she stalked off. ''Well bye.'' She says over her shoulder. 

I roll my eyes and order an iced coffee. I set down by the window flipping through a magazine with One Direction on the cover. The door opens up and a scent fills the room. I would recognise that scent anywhere. It was the scent that I've lived with for the last seven years. The scent that still sticks to all my clothes. The scent I knew that I would miss once it left. Niall's scent. 

''Hey there.'' He whispers. ''Hey.'' I smile. He sits across from me. ''So where's Jake?" He asks. ''He still a home I guess.'' I shrug and sip my iced coffee. ''OK then.'' He laughs. ''Just because I'm not engaged to him doesn't mean we have to know where each other are every second of the day.'' I joke. We laugh and drink our coffee. Catching up on everything that's happened the last few days. 

''Where were you.'' Jake asks as I walk in the door. ''I went to the coffee shop down the road.'' I shrug. ''Oh, well why dindn't you answer your phone?" He asks. I think for a second, then walk to the kitchen counter and unplug my phone. ''Oh.'' He says. I laugh and plug my phone back in. ''So what you wanna do today?" He asks. I shrug. ''Let's have a lazy day!" I say excited. ''Haha, OK.'' Jake laughs. I run into the closet and get my lazy day outfit. We sit and watch movies, and eat popcorn all day. ''That was fun.'' Jake says. ''Yep.'' I nod. I turn off the light and jump onto the bed. 

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