Little Things ~ completed ~

Little Things is about a small town girl that meets Louis. Louis likes this girl ALOT. But thus girls have fallen hard for Niall and he is in love with her. What will happen!!


27. yellow pajama pants


Some how the word got out! Everyone knew about Wendy cutting. She looked on her twitter. That she recently made! It always had a couple, "Back off! Niall is mine!", or "I hate you!!" but now that she cuts it has gotten a little different! Her page was about 75% full of terrible things and calling her rude names! About 25% were her tweets and support, but the support wasn't enough...


I read every single comment then tweeted, "Words Hurt." I was in my room at my house, I was expecting Zayn to be over in a couple minutes to hang out, but I didnt care! I ran to my bathroom, in tears, and grabbed it...
I grabbed my razor! I pulled down my plain yellow pajama pants and made 6 cuts on my hip! I watched the deep red blood flow out of the cuts. I closed my eyes and liked the darkness, my dark paradise...


I was in front of her house, I nocked but no one answered so I'm waiting right now...


I ignored the nock and stayed in my dark paradise for a couple more seconds. After I opened my eyes to my bloody hip. I cleaned it up and pulled up my, fortunately clean pajama bottoms up. I still had to change though so I walked in to my walk in closet and looked around. I decided on my outfit, a blue loose shirt with studs on it, blue skinny jeans with rips, flower flats, and a long necklace with a big flower at the end. One of my shoes weren't there. I put the one I had on and stormed of to Regan's room. I yelled, "Reggy!!!!!" When I ran into Zayn!


My Best friend had cut!!! I saw her in the restroom and immediately walked out into the hall. Bestie walked into the hall and ran into me yelling. I looked at her and weakly smiled and she smiled and said, "Hold On." And I said, "Okay!" So I quickly pulled out my phone to Harry, and texted him.

Zayn: I saw Best Friend cutting!!
Harry: Why are you telling me and not Nialler? >.< 
Zayn: Just Come Over!¡!
Harry: Okay. 
Zayn: baiiii xx come quick
Harry: kk cxx 

She came out of her bro's room and had two shoes. She walked in to the bathroom and but a flower beanie on and walked out. 


I walked out of my bathroom and asked Zayn (who looks like he had seen a ghost) "Wanna go get ice cream, Lad?" He quickly answered, "No, Lets sit on the porch and just talk." "Okay! Lemonade??" I asked. He nodded and went to the porch of my house. I walked out with Pink Lemonade and sat next to him on the edge of the porch with our legs hanging off the side...
Thats when Harry walked up...


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