Little Things ~ completed ~

Little Things is about a small town girl that meets Louis. Louis likes this girl ALOT. But thus girls have fallen hard for Niall and he is in love with her. What will happen!!


2. Running In To Wendy


I was taking a walk in the park when while on my phone playing games. I wasnt paying attention ad looking up and I ran into a girl. The girl was dancing and when I bumped in to her she said Sorry. I laughged and said, "Im the one ra into you, love." She was fixing her shoe so she didnt she my face yet. When she did she looked like she saw A HUGE CELEBIRTY. Then I realized I was one. I told her "Dont look started Love" and laughed. After a moment I asked her her name. "Im Louis from...ONNNE DIIRRECTIONNN" she giggled and she looked into my eyes. She was really pretty! She finally answered, "Im Wendy." That was a cute name! I then asked her if she would like to hang out for a bit an she nodded intendly. She then asked, "My dog is with me though. Mind if He comes along?


I didnt really know one direction that well. All I knew that it was a boy band. I actually no one song, it wa Live While Were Young. I REALLY LIKED IT. When Louis asked me to hang out I was SO extatic, but reallized I had Zayn. I asked if my pup could come along. He replied, "Yeah, Over course! Dogs are adorable!" After that Louis starte taking me to his house. And may I add he was sire darn cute! I wonder if the others are too!
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