Little Things ~ completed ~

Little Things is about a small town girl that meets Louis. Louis likes this girl ALOT. But thus girls have fallen hard for Niall and he is in love with her. What will happen!!


23. pictures


I was getting bored so i walked in to Niall's room. I saw Niall making out with Alli. I got out my phone and took pictures of the lad with her. He had no shirt on and she had the same thing on from last night. I took about 50 photos. I went down stairs to find Boo Bear on the couch watching some tv and eating leftovers from last night's Nandos. I sat next to him and said, "I got someth g to show you!" And gave him a perverted smile. I showed him the pictures and he laughed. I did too. Niall came down and got some Nando leftovers. He asked us, "What is so funny Lads?" We showed him and he said, "THATS NOT FUNNY! DELETE THOSE RIGHT NOW!" I said, "Under one condiction.." He yelled, "WHAT!" Louis and me whispered our plan. Lou then said, "Tell Twitter you guys are officially dating and add a pic of you and her, and theeennn...we will delete the pictures." He yelled, "FINE!! You Bastards!"


I walked up stairs and asked Wendy, "Will you be my girlfriend?!" She was fixing her hair and turned away from me. She then said, "No." I then said, "W-What" She laughed and turned around, "KIDDING!" "Oh..Okay! Haha." I said and She kissed my nose. We walked down stairs. She had he hand in one of my hands and my other hand had a plate of food. Harry had a perverted smile and Wendy said, "Why does he have that face!? Im scared!" Louis then screeched, "YOU HAVE TO TELL TWITTER YOU GUYS ARE DATING!" She just shrugged her shoulders and said, "So..?" I then said, "Babe, your gonna get ALOT of hate!" She turned to me and squeezed my hand. She said, "Im use to it.." I was Shocked, I said, "How!" "I may or may not have been famous once.." I laughed an said, "Alright then, Lads just take the picture! I handed them my phone. They did and Wendy said, "Wait! I need to see it!" They showed her and she approved. She then said, "I hope nobody notices my face..." I ignored that and planned to ask later. They handed the phone back so I could right about our relationship. I wrote - Guys..This is my beautiful new girlfriend! I love her! What do you think of her? - I send it and a couple second later, it sent. I sighed.
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