Little Things ~ completed ~

Little Things is about a small town girl that meets Louis. Louis likes this girl ALOT. But thus girls have fallen hard for Niall and he is in love with her. What will happen!!


14. LOUIS?


I went to my room and was picking out what to wear when Louis came in my room. I asked him, "hello lad!" "I HAVE A CONFESSION." Louis said. I the said, "What is it?" "I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ALLIE." Louis blurted out. I gasped. This isnt good. But I love her. I then said, "Louis, You know me, Youve seen me with her. The way we look at each other, And she blushes I blush. She makes me feel like Im actualy living. Her unique personality, equaly shy and silly. I dont know about you, but to me that is true love. Are you sure you love her? I think you just you just need to get indroduced to more people!"


Niall's speech was amazing and I laughed a little. He asked, "What is So Funy?" Then I replied, "I just want a girl who likes carrots!"


I couldnt help but laugh! Then Louis said, "I guess i will back off...For now." And he walked iut with a perverted smile on his face.
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