Little Things ~ completed ~

Little Things is about a small town girl that meets Louis. Louis likes this girl ALOT. But thus girls have fallen hard for Niall and he is in love with her. What will happen!!


8. Liam and Zayn


I got jealous. I started to like Allie, alot too. I knew we didnt look like a couple, but she is amazing. Maybe I could take her on a date soon! I knew when she saw Niall they were perfect for each other. Maybe the more we hang, she might start liking me. I wish Niall and her liked each other. Even if they get married and have 6 kids I will always be Allie's BFF!


Haha. Niall + Allie = Silly Love Birds! I felt a little bad because Louis did not handle his emotions right now! He looked a little heart broken then turned into a smirk!! WTF. A Smirk!? hah oh well. I grabbed Allie's hand and led her inside. She whispered to herself, " Damnnn... " I guess our house was kinda big to her. I led her to the Living room were Liam and Zayn were watching a funny movie and eating pizza. I let go of Allie and Told her to stand there ( behind the couch ) I got 2 peices of pizza and put it in Allie's face she smelled it and was gonna try to take it but i stuffe half of it in my mouth. She laughed ad I handed her the other peice. She happily exepted it. I paused the TV since Liam and Zayn werent paying attention to me. I then yelled, " IM GONNA DO A MAGIC TRICK! " Zayn screamed back, " Vas Happinin! " and Liam laughed. I got 2 pizzas and started the trick. "CLOSE YOUR EYES!" When tthey did i signaled Allie to go low so they couldn't see her yet. " Open! Now, Turn Around! " Now I shoved the pizza on their faces and I guess Allie got what I was doibf so she stood up. They both wiped there faces. I said " Now, Turn Around again! " They turned arounv and Liam Yelled, " A GIRL! " and Zayn screached " VAS HAPPININ "
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