Little Things ~ completed ~

Little Things is about a small town girl that meets Louis. Louis likes this girl ALOT. But thus girls have fallen hard for Niall and he is in love with her. What will happen!!


25. a secret...

*about a week later


Wendy and me are really in love. Louis flirts way to much but he likes her so what can I do! Today we are gonna tell us more about each other, I really want to ask her about when she flinched. I also wanted to ask about all the hate she has gotten. I know she want to ask me about my career and stuff, so nothing too bad! We would go to a park and have a picnic in about an hour so I had to get ready ( to look nice and to think of questions)


I am really nervous about our picnic since Niall wants to ask me a bunch of questions so I cant keep my least I cant keep most of them. 


*at the park
We walked to wear the picnic was se up. She looked beautiful. She had a floral short dress with a denim jacket, some flats, and straightened hair with a flower crown. We laid down on our backs and held hands. I asked her, "Why, Love?" She seemed confused and said, "What?" "Why did you flinch at Harry's touch?" I asked. She sat up so I did too. I moved so we would be face to face. She kissed me on the lips and I could feel the sparks! I loved her! She whispered in my ear, "That, my love, will be my little secret..."

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