When in Paris

Allie Tizington was 18. She was always the over-acheiver, she graduated High school at 15, went to a community collage and became a 2nd grade teacher and moved out with a good job at 18. Now she was 19 with no life outside her classroom. Her older sister Maleri got her tickets to Paris to take a vaction. Ironically she would spend a month there through out valentines day. She was a hopeless romantic type of girl, but she gets lucky on her trip and could a case of Love-at-first-sight happen?
Hope you like! :)


7. This woman's work

  I was in my room of the hotel, painting my toenails and had in my head phones listening to Birdy. I was in love with sad music, it helps express everything I feel or have felt. Being happy is a great thing but I've always been a depressed person. As a child I cried and had a lot of unfair situations. Education was the only thing I had, along with music. I grabbed my phone and turned off the song and walked out into the kitchen. The boys and I parted ways in the parking lot to go party. They forced Niall to come with and I helped convince him. As much as I'd love the company he doesn't seem like the kind of guy to like me. Happy, carefree, likeable and then there's me the teacher who goes to her crappy apartment and crys while she plans her lessons for the next day. Usually I play piano when I get like this but I don't have one at the moment.

   *hours later; 2 am*

  The door slammed open making me jump out of my slumber from the couch. "What are you doing here?" Harry said to me while grabbing the stereo remote and shutting off Ed sheeran's pure voice that filled the room. I rubbed my eyes and saw the rest standing around with the strong smell of alcohol. 

  "I was just- I'm going to bed, night." I said afraid not to anger him or anyone for that.

  "NO. Not without meeting Tiffany." Niall spoke out. I turned on my heel and looked straight at him.

  Standing there was a perfect little red headed girl. "Oh hello there, nice meeting you. And as for you Niall, I'm not yours anymore. I'll be catching a plane back home tomorrow boys. I'm leaving early looks like there is nothing here for me after all.." And at that I walked into my room and pulled out my travel bags and started furiously stuffing them. I let out an angrery scream and threw everything on the floor. I ran locked my door and picked up the bag. It was the birthday card that had the tickets from my sister.


 "  Hey Allie-bug! Have fun in PARIS! And I Hope you find a husband just like your sissy!

                            LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER,

                           Your lovely sister and brother-in-law.  "

  I giggled how she so badly wanted to do family cook outs all the time, and to have a niece and nephew to visit. I wiped away my tears and smiled. Then I remember what happened earlier and frowned. I laid down and buried my head into the dawn feather pillows and cried myself to sleep. 

 ~ sorry ive been busy. These chapters will be depressing because I have been having a hard time. love you all. xoxox

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