When in Paris

Allie Tizington was 18. She was always the over-acheiver, she graduated High school at 15, went to a community collage and became a 2nd grade teacher and moved out with a good job at 18. Now she was 19 with no life outside her classroom. Her older sister Maleri got her tickets to Paris to take a vaction. Ironically she would spend a month there through out valentines day. She was a hopeless romantic type of girl, but she gets lucky on her trip and could a case of Love-at-first-sight happen?
Hope you like! :)


2. Party Time!

  I strode off to the elevator. As it was going up, I couldn't help but think about Niall. Something about him made me want to know everything about him. I wanted to be closer to him, yet I get choked up when he's there. I knocked twice and Louis swung the door open and hopped into my arms. "Woah! Chill out babe!" He stopped and ran over to Niall and Zayn and two other boys. "I think you're girl was hitting on me Nialler." He said while wiggling his eyebrows at Niall. Niall's face burned a deep pink shade. "Shut up!" I shouted back in defense. "The ice cream and candy will be here soon, so lets get some dinner first!" I said, forgetting this wasn't my class again. "Umm? You act kind of weird, like we're 4." The tall brown eyed boy with shorter hair said while standing up. "Sorry I'm a teacher for little kids, its a habit to treat people like that." He just nodded and we went out to a black van to go get some food. The whole ride there we talked about our lives, basically just getting to know each other. It was nice having friends that are my age for once, and not my students parents.

                 *Skip dinner*

  We sat in a circle inside of the couches and laughed and just rambled on about every thing. "Anyone else sick of sugar and want some good vodka?" Louis asked holding the room phone. Everyone agreed accept me. They looked right at me. "Um sure?" I said unsure of what to say. I've never drank before to be honest, but hey I'm on vacation whatever! Before Louis could hang up I quickly grabbed the phone from his hand. "Wait! Excuse me, could you just give us everything alcoholic you have? Yes ma'am I am no alcoholic. This is also to One Direction's room I must say. Oh no problem at all. Buh-bye now." I hung up. "Let's party boys!" I flung my hair around and Liam turned on some music. I decided to show my wild side, cut loose, have fun for once. Yeah I know you don't need drinks to have fun but hey, whatever breaks my shyness!

- short chapter I know im sowwy more tomorrow tho(:


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