When in Paris

Allie Tizington was 18. She was always the over-acheiver, she graduated High school at 15, went to a community collage and became a 2nd grade teacher and moved out with a good job at 18. Now she was 19 with no life outside her classroom. Her older sister Maleri got her tickets to Paris to take a vaction. Ironically she would spend a month there through out valentines day. She was a hopeless romantic type of girl, but she gets lucky on her trip and could a case of Love-at-first-sight happen?
Hope you like! :)


6. Exploring new places..

  We all got in two cabs and drove to the Eiffel Tower. By the time we got there it wasn't as busy because they had the area restricted. I felt weird just being with the boys alone. We got out and went to the little elevator to go to the top. Only at least 4 people could fit in the elevator at a time so I waited with Niall, yes of course. At first we stood there awkwardly until the elevator came back to get us. The silver door opened apart and it was empty inside. I kind of hesitated while walking onto it so once it lifted up into the air I jumped a little. Niall ever so carefully slid his hand into mine and I smiled at the contact. I squeezed his hand to assure him I was fine. We exchanged a few glances and smiles and the doors pulled apart as his lips touched my cheek, softly kissing it. I giggled but pulled away and folded my arms in front of me when all the boys stared at us while we walked out to look at the view. I was completely embarrassed. I've never been around a boy like that before, ever.

  Everything was really awkward after that so I stayed off to the side.

 "Hey A, I need to ask you something.." I heard the irish boy say from behind me. "Yeah, okay.

  The rest of the boys went down and left us alone. Niall led me to the railing and we looked over at the city. It was beautiful. I can't believe I'm here. I snapped out of my thoughts by a very muffled voice.

  "Huh? I didn't hear you..." I said looking down.

  He put his finger on my chin making my eyes meet his and holding my hand with his other free hand. "I said will you go on a date with me tomorrow night?" He smiled and laughed a little bit nervously. I stayed silent, shocked and not sure how to answer it. "Its fine if you don't want to you know.." He scratched the back of his neck, you could tell he was nervous.

"Tomorrows Valentines Day right though?"

"Yes, so will you be mine?"

".I.. Uhm. of cou-yes!" I said giving him a shy smile.

  All the sudden I felt his lips onto mine. They weren't soft and light, the were chapped and very careful and sweet. It was from the cold air out. I hadn't kissed anyone before but I've never felt this why. It was different. I kissed back and felt a lump in my stomach. It felt sparky and warm. Butterflies weren't right to explain it, fireworks neither. It was more like when you get on a fast carnival ride and you get that mix of excitement and nerves. I loved how it felt, exploring my feeling. How I felt was indescribable, but one thing I knew was it will be an interesting adventure.

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