When in Paris

Allie Tizington was 18. She was always the over-acheiver, she graduated High school at 15, went to a community collage and became a 2nd grade teacher and moved out with a good job at 18. Now she was 19 with no life outside her classroom. Her older sister Maleri got her tickets to Paris to take a vaction. Ironically she would spend a month there through out valentines day. She was a hopeless romantic type of girl, but she gets lucky on her trip and could a case of Love-at-first-sight happen?
Hope you like! :)


1. Change?

One word. Jetleg. I made my way out of the crowded airport into the streets of Paris. I quickly waved for a cab and told him the name of my hotel. We arried there within 4 minutes and I handed him about 20 dollars and left without getting any change. I pushed through yet another crowd of now, screaming people. "jeesh.." I said looking straight at a girl whom had just pushed me. She rolled her eyes and they all just started screaming again. I checked in without a problem and got to my room with complications. I struggled getting my suitcase into the elevator and the bellhops were all just standing watching the doors. Golley what amazing service! I pulled out my room key and went inside. Finally! Damn, Maleri out did herself. It was a fully furnished, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, basically flat. I drug my bags into the second, master bedroom and collapsed onto the bed.

  *click* "I CALL THE BIGGEST BEDROOM!" "SECOND BIGGEST!" "HEYY! How come I get the little room!?" "Cause your slow zayn!" I heard booming through the walls. It was british accents and a very thick irish. "What the he-" I mumbled as I sat up and a average-sized blue eyed brunette boy walked in. "Hey, I call big room more often!' He shouted towards the living area smirking. A blonde boy, stunning I must say, came behind him. I stopped for a minute and just sat there with our eyes locked. "woah," He giggled "They left Louis a present Zayn!" His deep irish accent filled the room. He and a darker haired, and skinned boy started laughing. "Um this is my hotel room. Get out!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.I had terror in my eyes. Who the hell were these boys. The two brunettes just walked off into the other rooms and started unpacking their stuff.

  "Umm hello? This is my hotel room!" I shouted to the boys throwing a pair of boxers back and forth. "Boys, I think we should go and get another room. It was a mix up, so come on." He pulled on their arms but, Louis just dropped to his bum and pouted like a 5 year old. "But, but, but! Can't we just share? I mean we aren't rapist or murders, and it would cause too much trouble! Pleeeeaaseee Niall?!" The blonde one, Niall who I had grown fond of in the 4 minutes he's been in my room, turned the question over to me. Being a teacher dealing with little kids, I was good with conflict, arguments, and reasoning. "Okay sweetie, you stay here and unpack. I will go tell the receiptionist our little mishap and get you some gummy bears, ice cream, and rent a movie? Sound good?" I said pretending he was a student. He just smiled big and shook his head up and down. The other to boys looked at me astonished. I walked through the door and pushed th button to the lobby. Moments later, the doors pulled apart and I walked into the huge, ballroom like lobby. "Hello, some boys have gotten the same room number as me and I wanted to see if that could be fixed?" I looked at her with a fake smile and pretended to be nice. "Nothing is avalible until Thursday." She stated blankly. Great 5 days with a bunch of strangers! "Anything else princess?" She said in a bit of a mocking tone. "Yes, I need gummy bears, and every flavor ice cream you have to room 3268." I said returning the tone, but adding in a eyelash bat." She picked up a phone and repeated the order to the chefs as I strod off to the nest of boys waiting for me. This should be loads of fun, note my sarcasm..


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