I Wanna Save Ya.

Kat had been with Landon so long, she wasn't ready to move on; whether it meant him physically abusing her or not. Along side her best friend, Niall, she encounters some pretty big decisions. Especially when someone she cares about dearly deserts her. What will happen with Landon? What will Niall do to protect Kat? Read to know more (:


9. See Him

I dialed his number for the sixth time. Then, deleted it. I dialed again. I knew his phone number by heart, I always have. I probably always will. I wanted to call him badly. I wanted to be able to listen to his voice and I wanted him to comfort me. And he would, I wouldn't let him though. He can't comfort me for something like that. Something that he did, something that was my fault. I wondered if he would pick up if I actually did call, he probably would. He said he wanted me to talk to him... But if I did, it would make everything worse. If I did get to hear him I think I would break down again. Then I remembered his show. What was it...? X Factor. It was the X Factor. He wanted me to watch it, he said it aired in less than a week. I leaped up and ran to the t.v. My hands fumbled with the remote as I clicked the screen on. I didn't know what channel it was on so I just started flipping rapidly through channels until I finally found it. It wasn't on for another hour. I set the show to record and laid down on the couch, letting out a long breath of air. As I settled in my eyes fluttered shut and I began to dream, I dreamt I was in a better place. A place where Niall and I were together and no one got in between us.
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