I Wanna Save Ya.

Kat had been with Landon so long, she wasn't ready to move on; whether it meant him physically abusing her or not. Along side her best friend, Niall, she encounters some pretty big decisions. Especially when someone she cares about dearly deserts her. What will happen with Landon? What will Niall do to protect Kat? Read to know more (:


6. Nothing Else I Can Do

Weeks went by without any sign of Niall. Landon didn't let the fact go that I "ran away". He was really angry, and he hit me. Landon never has - and probably never will apologize for hurting me. Niall called once, but I didn't hear it ring and was too broken-hearted to listen to the voicemail he left me. I was only there for four more days until I woke up one morning and there was a note on the bed. It read, 'Get the hell out of my apartment. Be gone by the time I get off work.' I had nowhere to go. I was about to call Niall when I remembered the message. Fingers shaking, I dialed the voicemail number. "Hi Kat... I really miss you. I just wanted to tell you I'm going to try to move on. I'm visiting London for awhile and I'm going to audition for the X Factor. I'm pretty excited, and I hope you're okay. I've heard you get pretty busy during auditions, so if you call, I might not answer. And ahead of time, I'm sorry if I don't. Um... I kinda wanted to know how you were? If you need something, anything before I leave just call me and I'll be there asap. I'm leaving on the fifth. Uh, and if you need me too... I can cancel the trip too. There's other years, you're more important to me. Well, I might see you soon, hopefully. Bye Kat, I still love you." I collapsed on the floor. It was the seventh. I missed him by a day and a half. If I hadn't been so self-centered I would've stopped him before! I would have listened to the message! I would have told him I loved him. I laid on the floor for an hour, but no tears came. For once in my life, I had no more options. I screwed up big this time. My life is over.
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