I Wanna Save Ya.

Kat had been with Landon so long, she wasn't ready to move on; whether it meant him physically abusing her or not. Along side her best friend, Niall, she encounters some pretty big decisions. Especially when someone she cares about dearly deserts her. What will happen with Landon? What will Niall do to protect Kat? Read to know more (:


4. I Love You

I looked him up and down. We had been sitting at a restaurant or a while and he had said nothing, "Niall what's wrong?" I was really starting to question myself too, did I do this to him? "Nothing" he looked down at his empty plate. "You are such a liar. What's wrong?" He looked like he was hiding something. After five minutes of thinking, he looked up at me, "I care about you so much, you know that. And having to see you once a week after what he does to you, I'm not going to be able to handle it anymore." I had no idea where this was going, "What do you mean?" I looked at him and there was pain on his face. "What I'm trying to say is, I think that you need to leave him for good. He's a terrible person and he hurt--" he swallowed hard, "He hurts you Kat. I... Can't stand to see you hurt. He leaves bruises on your arms and face and then convinces you to stay with him. And it hurts me too. Because I... Well I'm trying to say that I really care about your health and well-being.... And you are a beautiful girl," he was trying. "And so you mean...?" I looked at him quizzically. "God dammit Kat. I love you."
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