I Wanna Save Ya.

Kat had been with Landon so long, she wasn't ready to move on; whether it meant him physically abusing her or not. Along side her best friend, Niall, she encounters some pretty big decisions. Especially when someone she cares about dearly deserts her. What will happen with Landon? What will Niall do to protect Kat? Read to know more (:


5. Anything To Save Him

I couldn't believe my ears. Did he really just say that? No, I must've misheard him. "You... Love me?" His eyebrows creased, "Yes" That was it. I didn't know what to do. It had been so long since I had actually dated someone. Landon. He told me that if Niall and I ever.... He would hurt him. I couldn't let Landon hurt him. I think I loved him back, but I couldn't tell him. "Well?" Niall looked on edge. I didn't know what to do, should I tell him how I feel? No, Landon. I stood up and walked out of the restaurant. I stood outside for a few minutes before Niall came chasing after me, "Kat, I need to know," he grabbed my hands and turned me towards him, "do you love me?" My heart dropped to the bottom of my shoes and I looked him in the eye, "No" I turned away so he wouldn't see me cry. "Are you, are you sure? I thought.... I thought something happened back there. Something did happen back there, right?" His voice was weighted down with emotion. I quickly wiped my eyes and nose and turned back, "Niall, nothing happened. I have a boyfriend. You know that." He looked at me blankly. We stood there for a long while. "Your going back to him?" He finally asked. I had no choice, "Yes" my voice broke and tears came again. This time I didn't try to hide them. Niall wiped my cheeks and a tear ran down his. He dropped his hands and turned back to the car. "I guess I'll drive you home then." We didn't speak a word during that ride. It took all of my strength to not break down in front of him. When we stopped in front of my apartments, it was pouring rain. We both got out and he walked halfway through the parking lot behind me, then stopped right in the middle. I had to do something, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't do anything. We stood in the middle of the parking lot and stared. Niall was the first to turn away, but I grabbed his arm. He swung back around and I kissed him. Not on the cheek, full on kiss. It was a beautiful kiss... One that leaves you wanting more. Niall's lips were so much different than Landon's. they were soft and gentle, not forcing. He reached up and touched the back of my neck, and then I remembered. I turned and ran the rest of the way back to my apartment. I shut the door behind me, and never turned back.
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