Best Friend

Nicole has no idea she's been living a whole lie. She never knew she had a childhood best friend. But now that her best friend revealed himself,what will the story behind them bring? Will they become best friends again,or more?


4. Chapter 4

"Um...hi?" Logan responds.

"You haven't changed a bit." My mother replies taking a step closer. I could tell my mother surprised Logan by how awkwardly he was standing,and seeming to try to find what words to speak.

"Mom? How do you know Logan?" I ask.
My mother resetted her gaze from Logan,to me. Her expression changed to worry. In her eyes,you could see how nervous she was. She couldn't find the right words like Logan,but right then,Logan blurted out, " !"

How did Logan know she was my mother...well it could've been really obivous,but still...

I still need some sort of explanation.

My mother lets out a nervouse sigh,and quickly says, "Logan,may I please speak with you?" Logan turns to me and says "Nicky,wait for me in my car." I quickly object. "Logan? Why?"

"Nicky,please." he replies growing impatient.

"No! Wh-"

"Nicole! Please." He says raising his voice,then lowering it. "Please,Nicole. I'll be out in a minute."

I just look at him for a couple of seconds. After,I simply nod my head. I exit the door,and shut it behind me,and enter his car.

Now. To just sit. And wait.

*Logans POV*

led me into her dining room and sat me down at the dinner table. She looked me strait in the eyes, "I haven't seen you in forever,Logan." I smiled. "It has been a long time...woah,woah,woah. Wait." I take a pause for a minute,and then continue, "How do you remember me,and Nicole doesn't?" Her face flattens. Her entire expression turned upset. She wasn't replying. " ?" I asked. She sighed,and began,
"Logan...the day you left,we went along with you,and your family to say our goodbyes at the airport. It was My husband,Nicole,and Nicole's...parents." She paused. "They didn't make it."

My heart shatters.

"What do you mean,they didn't make it?" I ask softly.

"When we were on our way back home,we had a wreck. Everyone in the back seats,Nicole,my husband,and I,only had a few cuts. Or even a mild gash. But the semi that hit us...collided with the front. Killed on impact." She says,her eyes getting wattery by the second.

She continues the story. She tells me that as soon as everything stood silent,they immedietly checked the front. They just hoped Nicole wasn't watching. looked over to the little six year old Nicole to see her partially passed out. She was light-headed. The car completley totaled. The driver in the other car was practically dead right when he hit the front of their car. They called an ambulance. ,had Nicole in his arms. She had passed out completley as they touched the ground once they got out of the vehicle.
Once the ambulance got there,there was nothing left to do,or say. Everyone else pronounced dead. The only three survivors were taken to the hospital.
Mr. & Mrs. Shaw had no broken bones,but a few stitches here and there. They were then in the waiting room awaiting information on little Nicole.

As the doctor comes out,he tells them that they found nothing wrong with her. Just almost the same as Mr. & Mrs. Shaw. The doctor let them inside Nicole's room.
Nicole was wide awake. Her eyes wandering everywhere around the room.
Nicole finally rests her gaze onto ,as asks her a question, "Honey,are you feeling okay?"

"I'm fine mom." Nicole responded.

's heart dropped right when she said that. She called the doctor in right away.

As the doctor tested her eyes,and moving her arms and legs,he asked a few questions.

She thought Mr. & Mrs. Shaw were her parents. She knew she had been in a wreck. She knew she was in a hospital.

The doctor presumed Nicole to have lost her memory.

They tried to get the least bit of information into her,but as the doctor asked to tell Nicole about her parents, couldn't do it.

The six year old's life soon became a lie.

Nicole's aunt, ,was now apparent to her to be her mother. The same to be her father.

I had no questions.

Only guilt built inside me. Thinking this was all my fault.

"Logan. I know this a lot to process,but...I need you to tell Nicole this. Not now. But I know you will find the perfect moment to gently tell her this. She may not remember you,but you could always help her to. I just can't bear myself to tell her after so many years." She said tears rolling down her cheeks. "Now. You should be on your way to school. You are a bit late. But you'll make it." She said.

And with that,she escorted me out of her house,and left me to enter the car with Nicole.

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