Best Friend

Nicole has no idea she's been living a whole lie. She never knew she had a childhood best friend. But now that her best friend revealed himself,what will the story behind them bring? Will they become best friends again,or more?


3. Chapter 3

I woke up early the next morning. I didn't get much sleep last night thanks to my thinking. It was 5:32 in the morning. Ugh. I couldn't go back to sleep.

The only thing to do,was get ready for the day.

"Nicky..It's me." Replayed in my head. It was just Logan. But he also said, "I still recognize my best friend from first grade,Nicole."

His best friend.

He hasn't been here a month,and I already have a major crush on him,but am also his best friend?

I picked out some dark skinny jeans,and a purple Areopostale shirt. I straightened my hair,and put a beanie on. I then brushed my teeth. Barley any time had passed. It was only 5:53.
To kill some time,I watched TV in my bedroom. All of a sudden my head hurt like crazy. A picture flashed in my head. It was of a little boy,with dark raven hair. His hand was holding onto someone else's hand. But it seemed as if my mind cut that part of the picture out. Then as fast as my head ache started,it ended.
My breathing became hitched,and I was a bit sweaty. I got up and walked around my room. I look at my clock on the nightstand. 6:12.
I had to head to school around 7:30. I felt sick to my stomach. I laid down on my bed,clutching my stomach. My alarm clock goes off,meaning it was 6:30. I always get up then,but now I had been lying here for 18 minutes. I still had an agonizing pain in my stomach.

My phone vibrates.

I slowly get up,and grab it. One new message from an unknown number.

I open it,and it says, "Morning,Nicky=) I was wondering if I could pick you up,and drive you to school? We really need to talk...-Logan."

As soon as I read his name,the pain in my stomach slowly dissolved. I was a bit scared of what just happened. Mostly confused. And how did he get my number? I dropped that thought and texted him back.

"If you don't mind ,it'd be great if you picked me up. Please come as fast as you can, I don't know what's happening."

I sent it,and await for a reply.
A couple of minutes later,I get a message.

"Of course. I'll be there as fast as possible."

A little time passes by,and there's a knock the door.
I walked downstairs,and opened the door to see Logan.

"Hey,Nicky." He says a bit awkwardly,before putting on a dimple smile that could make me faint. My whole world lit up. But why?

He was gorgeous,but I barely knew him.

"Hi,Logie." I say,quickly regretting it.

"Wait. Did you just call me Logie?" He asks.

I blush,but don't answer.

"You used to call me that all the time when we were kids." He replies smiling wide.

"When we were kids? Logan,please. Can we please talk this over? Explain?" I reply sadly.

Just about as he was about to talk,my mother's voice calls me, "Honey,who's at the door?"

She soon appears and as she see's Logan,her eyes widen. She squints a bit,and walks closer. As soon as she could see Logan's face clearly,she says "Logan that you?"

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