Best Friend

Nicole has no idea she's been living a whole lie. She never knew she had a childhood best friend. But now that her best friend revealed himself,what will the story behind them bring? Will they become best friends again,or more?


2. Chapter 2


I furrowed my eyebrows,and asked "What?"

Logan chuckles a bit. He sighs,and says "Nicole. Look."

I do as he says,as he pulls out a little object. It was a piece of a heart that had the letters 'BES' On top,and below it had 'FRI'It seemed all to familiar...

"How do I feel like I've seen that before?" I asked myself loud enough for Logan to hear.

"Nicky...its me..." He says with a sad expression that could make anyone cry.

"Who?" I ask sadly. "Logan,I just know you as the popular guy in school. The guy that every girl would die to have. But I'm sorry,I don't know you more than that..."

Logan smashes his fist on the steering wheel. "You have to know me! You have to!" He yells at me.

I was scared. Really scared. Logan could probably tell by how his face softened. "Nicky,I'm sorry...I'm just.." he begins. I didn't know what was happening,and all I wanted was to go home and act like none of this ever happened. I didn't let him finish his sentence, "Logan,please. Just take me home."

He sighs and puts the car into drive,and goes off.

As he nears my block,I still wonder how he knows where I live.

I let it slide,and he approaches my home,and parks his car in the drive way. He gets out and hurries to open the car door for me again. "Thanks." I say quietly.

"Nicole,I'm sorry for bursting out like that. It's that I you to-"

I cut him off, "Logan. I don't know what's going on,and I'm scared,and worried. Please. I need you to tell me what's happening,and why you're apparently my best friend,and know where I live. Can we talk later? When you can explain everything,okay?"

"Yeah. Okay..I'll see you at school tomorrow then?" He replies.

"Yeah.." I say trying my hardest to manage a smile. I turn away,and head to my front door. I turn around one last time to see Logan gloomily walking over to his side of the car,and heading off.

What was happening?



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