Best Friend

Nicole has no idea she's been living a whole lie. She never knew she had a childhood best friend. But now that her best friend revealed himself,what will the story behind them bring? Will they become best friends again,or more?


1. Best Friend


I was sitting down in my favorite table at Starbucks,looking out the window,trying to feel better. You see,this morning I had an audition for a role in a short film. Sadly,they said that I needed at least be in,or finished acting school. My mother never approved of my dream,so I never did get the money to get into the schools. When an opportunity of a lifetime came,my mother didn't let me go. That was two years ago. Now I'm 17. I say I can make my own decisions,but apparently I'm still young. I'm trying. Really trying.  I soon became agitated with all these thoughts in my head. Just then,a voice spoke to me. "Excuse me,can I sit here?" It asked. I look over to my side,and am now staring into the beautiful chocolate brown eyes of Logan Mitchell.   Logan Mitchell waas the cutest,most popular guy in school; Even though he just moved here,and has been going to school here for about three weeks. Mostly everyone knew him though. We weren't much of friends,sure I passed him by,but he just shared a smile. I think its better that way,considering I have a major crush on him....      ",yeah. You can." I reply shyly.   He smiles,and says "Thanks,Nicole."   He knows my name?   How does Logan Mitchell know my name.   I just smile in return. He had an espresso,and his phone out. I tried my best to hide my blushing face,so I continue looking out the window. As I do that,I notice Logan look up at me out of the corner of my eye. Quickly,I try to concentrate on the outside world,as it starts to rain.      "I come here and sit in this exact spot to look outside. To just get rid of stress,or think out my problems." He says.   I look over to see Logan staring outside.     "Really?" I ask.   He turns back and locks eyes with me. "Yeah. I can tell you do the same?"    I just nod my head. To not get awkward,I look over to the clock on the wall. 4:17.   "Oh,dang it." I say in a mutter while frantically seaarching my pockets for my phone.    "You can use mine." Logan says nicely. I smile back,and say "Thanks...I won't take long." He hands over his phone,while his eyes are still fixated on me.      I dile my moms number.   "Hey mom." I begin. "Um,yeah...I didn't get the part." The conversation continues. "No....yeah. I mean...theres always other chances,right?" My eyes start getting watery. "Yeah. But um,anyways I was just wondering if you could pick me up at Starbucks. I walked over from the audition since my cars still in the auto repair....but now its rai-"     She cut me off. Apparently,she was at work,super busy and about to head to a conference. "Oh,okay. I guess I'll just walk. Yeah,its you too. Bye." I hang up,and sigh. I burry my face into my hands. I forget to give Logan his phone,so I quickly sit back up and hand it to him. "Sorry." I say softly.   I could tell he wanted to know what was wrong. He takes his phone,and I look back down. However,Logan didn't let it get awkward. He immedietly asked "May I ask what's wrong?"   "Um,I tried out for a role for a film,but didn't get the luck to earn it.." I say quietly.    "I'm sorry.." He says kindly. I think he meant it too. I chuckle a bit. "Yeah. Oh well well. I guess I tried my hardest...." I say standing up,and wiping my face clear of any tears. "Thanks for letting me use your phone,and for listening. I'll see you around." I say heading off. Logan grabs my wrist,and says "Wait." I do as he says,confused. "I can take you home."    "No,you don't ha-" He cuts me off. "Its raining. Your house is a good six blocks from here. You could get hurt. Now come on." He finishes his coffee,picks up his phone,and heads towards the door.      Why would he care about me? He doesn't pay much attention to me during school. I thought to myself.     "Nicole? Come on." Logan calls giving me a slight grin.    As I process all of this I head over to him holding the door open for me.   Why did he have to be so cute? I asked myself.   He leads me to his car and yet again opens the door for me. "Thanks." I say with a smile. He then walks over to his side,gets in,and starts the engine. "Logan?" I ask. "Yes?" He replies innocently.   "Why are you doing this? I mean you're probably the most popular guy in school,and you're taking a girl that you don't even pay attention to,home." I tell him.   "I still recognize my best friend from first grade,Nicole." He says with a sad look on his face.
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