Dreams Do Come True

its about a girl named Ruby it is her last year in high school she has deeply fallen for the cutest boy at her school. her life changes once they start dating. her best friend Joshua doesn't like the fact that she is with him.


1. Finding Out

I woke up the next morning tired with a massive headache form the party the night before. I didn't realize what time it was until my mum knocked on the door. I checked my phone it was 2:00 pm. i also noticed that i had a new message, i opened it  was from the Niall the cutest lad from school. My stomach got butterflies my heart started to beat faster as i opened it i read it. From: Niall :) x  "hello beautiful" he called me beautiful. I responded " hey :)". I got up and went to shower. i went over to Roseary's house after the rest of the girls were already there . they smiled as i came in. i was confused so i decided to ask them what had happened the night before. we were cleaning up the mess from before . they  looked at each other  before responding. they told me that i was Niall's girlfriend. i didn't remember anything.they told me that Joshua had gotten mad and left.i didn't comprehend at first until i remembered everything. Josh approached me when Niall came infront of him and asked me out. i gasped. i got my phone out and called him "are you busy. we need to talk." "yes i am quite busy" "oh okay then bye" "bye" 


the next day at school seemed to go by pretty fast.  i was with Roseary, Cristina, Griselda, and Danni. thats when i saw him. he was with his friends Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn.  he smiled at me showing his slight cute dimple he has.  when he got to me he hugged me and kissed me wrapped his arms around me and went behind me. Liam smiled at me as he went towards Griselda. he took her hand and pulled her to the side. all of the boys did that with the rest of the girls. i was confused and looked over "what is going on?" " they are asking your friends out" i shrieked a little  and he smirked at me. His blue eyes were sparkling making him look like an angel. I got sad as the bell rang. That meant i had to wait until last period to be with him.  he kissed me sweetly. fingers entwined together as he walked me to class. It was history class, i had this class with Josh that meant i could talk to him. i found him sitting in the back seat. i sat beside him. "hey there" i smiled. "hey" i kept smiling until he turned away.  we didn't exchange many words. when class ended i went towards my teacher, i asked if i could turn my work in the next day. "will it be complete?" " yes sir" "i wont take it after tomorrow " "OK hank you" as i walked out strong arms wrapped around me, turning me around. " hey there gorgeous" he said before pressing his warm lips on mine.  i smiled. we walked together to class. we sat together in the back. he didn't take his eyes off me. i blushed a little.  i hated this class so much. he starts playing with my hair and i close my eyes and he sings to me. " shut the door, turn the lights off i wanna be with you i wanna feel your love" and then my teacher says " Mr. Horan can you please solve the problem on the board" " yes ma'am i can" i jumped when he moved. he chuckled 

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