Music Dictionary/Music Suggestions

(I Will Be Updating at least once everyday) Just some music suggestions bellow with the artists and the songs of theirs that I like. The songs bellow are songs that I like and suggest that people listen to if they haven't heard them already :)


9. 'I'

I Am Whole: by Jillian Jensen

I Don't Care: by Fall Out Boy

If You Told Me To: by Hunter Hayes

I Gotta Feeling: by The Black Eyed Peas

If I Had You: by Adam Lambert

If I Were A Boy: (Carly Rose Sonenclar's Version)

I Like It: by Enrique Iglesias (ft. Pitbull)

I Like That: by Before You Exit

I Love It: by Iconic-Ep (ft. Charli XCX)

I Love Rock n' Roll: (Jennel Garcia's Version)

Imagine: (Carly Rose Sonenclar's Version)

In A Song: by Hunter Hayes

In The End: by Linkin' Park

In The Shadows: by The Rasmus

Irresistible: by One Direction

It's Time: by Imagine Dragons

It Will Rain: by Bruno Mars (& Carly Rose Sonenclar's Version)

I Want: by One Direction

I Want Crazy: by Hunter Hayes

I Wish: by One Direction

I Would: by One Direction


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