Music Dictionary/Music Suggestions

(I Will Be Updating at least once everyday) Just some music suggestions bellow with the artists and the songs of theirs that I like. The songs bellow are songs that I like and suggest that people listen to if they haven't heard them already :)


2. 'B'

Back For You: by One Direction

Back In Time: by Pitbull

Battle Cry: by Skillet

B-e-a-utiful: by Megan Nicole

Believe It: by Cimorelli

Beside You: by 5 Seconds of Summer

Best Song Ever: by One Direction

Better Than Drugs: by Skillet

Better Than This: by Hunter Hayes

Better With You: by Olivia Somerlyn

Bleeding Love: by Leona Lewis

Bleed It Out: by Linkin' Park

Blow: by Ke$ha

Born This Way: by Lady GaGa

Boys Suck (Bye Bye): by Jillian Jensen

Breathe: by Taylor Swift

Burn It Down: Linkin' Park

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