Closing Walls

The day I'll never forget, the night my life changed forever. My world came crashing down. August 28th is the Devil's day, it haunts me in my sleep and kills me when I'm awake. I sit and pretend that it didn't happen like it was just going to go away. No it staying with me even if I try to push i away. Either way my walls are closing and I can't do a single thing. (Yes, This is a One Direction Fan-Fic :)


2. Chapter One


*Author's Note- I'm sorry about not updating, Right after I posted the cover I kinda got grounded from my laptop. So that night I tried to type on my Kindle Fire and that was a terrible disaster!!! So here's Chapter One*


Jannet's P.O.V

          "Come on baby, let's just have some fun tonight" Travis smirked at me. I was sitting on his hard, cold and unforgiving bed. I hate it here I always have and always will. His hands grab my arm and slowly goes up and down, cold shivers when down my spine. I clenched my fists and bit my bottom lip.

"No Travis not tonight" I say. I get up from his bed and walk towards the door when he runs over to me and slams the door. Now he was scaring me I don't what this to happen again. Slowly I back up and look him in his cold blue eyes.

"Travis I want to go home, please open the door" I say to him. Anger flushes over his face and he walks towards me. He grabs my arms and squeezes it harder and harder. I squeal in pain and he lets go. I don't dare to look him in the eye, I wish I was at home with my little sister Melanie. She was only 7 she can't be home alone for very long.

"Melanie is at home all by herself, she needs me to be there for her" I say to him. He just smirks and grabs my thigh.

"Then I'll make this real quick" he says while his hand travels up my thigh.


*30 Min's Later* 

         I grab my keys and open the car door. I drive home and try to hold in the tears. When I pull up to my driveway I couldn't hold them in any longer. I start sobbing,'Why does this happen to me?' 'What did I do to deserve this' I think to myself. I never thought Travis would end up like this, he used to be caring and kind. I loved him for it he was so amazing and handsome. Over time he became more and more aggressive. My love for him decreased the more he became mean. I open the door and step out of the car and walk to the house. I find Melanie curled up on the couch fast asleep. She was so innocence and sweet, all of my anger and sadness flushes out of me. I let out a small smile and walk into the kitchen.

        I grab a apple and sit down at the bar. The road turns on by itself...ok weird. I walk over and turn it off. I hear clicking and beeping. The microwave turns on and goes off into loud beeps. I run over to the microwave and unplug it. Something is wrong and I don't know what it is, thats what scaring me the most. I look into the living room to see Melanie waking up.

"Melanie, grab a jacket and go outside now!" I order her. She looks at me with confusion then the T.V turns on. Her eyes grow wide and she runs outside but not before grabbing a jacket. I silently walk on the cold hard floor, down the creaking stairs into the death basement. NOBODY LIKES THE BASEMENT!!! I flip on the light and everything falls silent. You could hear a pin dropping. 

"EHHHHHHHHHH" A loud squeal sounds from the back of the basement, I dash up the stairs and run outside.

"Melanie, go into the house and pack some clothes were going to be staying in a hotel till I get the house checked. There is something going on and I don't like it... 


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