Closing Walls

The day I'll never forget, the night my life changed forever. My world came crashing down. August 28th is the Devil's day, it haunts me in my sleep and kills me when I'm awake. I sit and pretend that it didn't happen like it was just going to go away. No it staying with me even if I try to push i away. Either way my walls are closing and I can't do a single thing. (Yes, This is a One Direction Fan-Fic :)


1. Author's Note? Intro?


    Hey guys, I just wanted to say "Yes" this is a One Direction Fan-Fiction and I don't want to have the usual 

1. Run's away from abusive parent

2. Finds One direction

3. Gets hate

4. Abusive Parent find kid and kidnaps them

5. One Direction Finds them

6. Probably already happened but Falls in love

7. Happy ever after

    Is it just me or does this order always happens in ever abusive story? I've read 3 in a day like those and to me their getting kinda boring so I wanted to do something to grin against the grain with the sequence. Lol, I hope you like it 




                                             Zigelets xoxo

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