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  • Published: 30 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 3 May 2014
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Gabrielle never suspected she'd fall for the bad boy type, until she met Harry. The misunderstood flirt who is told he need's a tutor to pass Biology. That's where Gabrielle comes in, his new tutor. Harry's never been the 'romantic' type but he can't help but fall for her, but when a demon from Harry's past returns with bad intentions involving Gabrielle how far will Harry go to protect her?


6. The Party

Harry's P.O.V

"Harry?" she asked, "Yeah. Hey,"  said as she approached me, she looked hot the sweat glistening down her stomach. "What are you doing here?" I asked, "Conditioning for Soccer," she mumbled. "Have you been here since this morning?" I asked surprise, "Yep!" she said sarcastically throwing her thumb up. I laughed, "I was just about to leave to get ready for Megan's party. But I'm kind of second guessing it. I mean I'm exhausted." she said taking a sip of her water bottle. "What are you doing here?" she asked,"Oh, I like to do a bit of boxing for a workout, just to stay in shape." I tried to make it seem as causal as possible, even if I was preparing for a fight tomorrow night at the Cove. She smiled, "That's hot," she whispered in my  ear before walking over towards the bathrooms. I smirked walking into the vault. Damn she was hot,  "Hey Tom," I greeted him as he walked out, "Harry," he said bowing "Dude, what's up with the bow?" I asked confused. "I went to your last fight, you were amazing. Perfection. Nice clean hits, not too shabby." he said, "Ashton teaching you well." he added, "Yeah, thanks. I've got another one tomorrow night, you should come."  "Will, do." he said grabbing his bag and walking out. A few minutes later Gabrielle walked back in, "Don't mind me just grabbing my bag." she said picking up her bag, "I'll see ya tonight?" she asked, "Yeah." I said before she disappeared behind the doors. I slumped my bag down as Ashton walked in, "Hey man," he said, "Did you see that piece of hottie walk out?" he said motioning through the glass to where Gabi was standing talking to the lady at the front desk. "Gabrielle? Yeah, I know she's my tutor." I mumbled sort of jealous. She gave me no reason to make me jealous but I didn't like Ashton or any other guy talking about Gabi that way 'piece' he said it like she wasn't a person but a object. "Well I'd fail a class to look at that all day," "Can we just start?" I asked, he nodded walking over to me. He gripped the black punching bag that hung from the wall as he called out combination and punches in which I followed.  We did that for about three hours before I jumped on the treadmill and then did some weights. I said goodbye to Ashton and got in my car, and drove to my flat. I finally pulled up getting out and walking up, I slipped in the shower with a bit excitement I get to see Gabrielle tonight was all I could think about. I wondered what she was going to be wearing but I guess it didn't matter because she would look great anyway.  I wrapped the towel around my waist walking into my room. I slipped on some black jeans, a pair of black converse,  a grey and red flannel and lastly a leather jacket. I put on cologne ruffled my hair before grabbing my phone and keys and leaving.

Gabrielle's P.O.V

I hopped out of the shower walking into my room and searching for something to wear in my closet. I grabbed a pair of light washed distressed high waist ed shorts, a faded Beatles t shirt and  a pair of white converse. I applied my makeup and perfume before taking my hair out of the braids I had placed them in revealing loose each waves; exactly what I was going for. I grabbed my keys and phone, tip toeing down the stairs before slipping outside. Megan's house was just a few blocks away so I decided on just walking. There were a few boys in front of me who sounded familiar. I ran up and tackled the blonde one, "Hey!" he shouted before he turned to see it was me, "Gabi," he whispered "Yes, Niall, it's Gabi." I said ruffling his hair, "Gabi," I mumbled trying to fix it. "I get the chicks with this hair," he muttered, "Oh, I always liked the accent." I smiled, I turned to see another boy who I'd never met before "Louis," he said shaking my hand. "Gabi." I walked with them to Megan's house cracking jokes and laughing. "Niall, its been to long since we've hung out. Let's do something tomorrow night." I whined, "Can't. I'm going to some fight Louis's dragging me to." "Ooh a fight! I wanna go," I said turning  to Louis, "Please?"I asked, "Yeah, um we'll pick you up around nine." he said before I engulfed him in a hug, "Thanks," I said as we walked up the drive way to Megan's house. It was a lavish mansion, like something you'd see in a movie. Megan's parents were in Italy, taking yet another trip away from there daughter.  I always kind of felt bad for her but she was a bitch. There was furniture and drunk teenagers all out on her lawn music blaring. "Well, I'll talk to you later Niall." I said hugging him, "Save me a dance?" he mumbled into my neck. "Well of course," I smiled before walking in. The scent of alcohol and sweat immediately aroused, I moved through the body's searching for Angelique, I found her in the kitchen flirting with these guys, I walked over hugging her. she wreaked of alcohol. "Gabi,this is Dave and Kevin" she mumbled almost falling over. "Easy there," I giggled  balancing her. They were really attractive, especially this Kevin guy, he was tall well built black hair he brought up kind of like Niall's and beautiful blue eyes. " Kevin," he said shaking my hand, "Gabrielle," I said shaking his hand. Angelique rocked a bit, "Excuse us," I mumbled walking her into the bathroom where she ejected everything into the toilet, I held her hair as she mumbled a few words before throwing up again. I sighed really wishing I was with Harry instead of listening to her hurl. She sat up walking towards the sink where she rinsed her mouth out throwing in a few pieces of gum, "Okay," she whispered before we walked back out. "Let's get a few drinks in you," she giggled dragging me back into the kitchen.. Dave and Kevin were still there talking to each other when walked in, I caught Kevin's eye before Angelique handed me a drink. "I really shouldn't," I mumbled, She practically shoved it down my throat the warm liquid traveling down my throat. I drank a few more before I found myself dancing with Kevin. I didn't know how, I just kind of ended up there. I felt like I was going hurl so I  excused myself before wandering upstairs in need of some where quiet. I wandered to the first door where there was a couple kissing, I apologized before opening the second door down the hall. My mouth dropped open in surprise to see Angelique on top of Harry. They both looked up at me, I gulped back the lump in my throat along with the threatening tears, "Sorry," I mumbled before shutting the door. I ran down the steps and outside as fast as I could trying to get anywhere from there. "Gabrielle, wait." I turned around to see Harry chasing after me. I decided to pick up the pace, I didn't want him to see me crying because if he did he'd ask why and I wasn't ready to answer that question.

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