Gabrielle never suspected she'd fall for the bad boy type, until she met Harry. The misunderstood flirt who is told he need's a tutor to pass Biology. That's where Gabrielle comes in, his new tutor. Harry's never been the 'romantic' type but he can't help but fall for her, but when a demon from Harry's past returns with bad intentions involving Gabrielle how far will Harry go to protect her?


4. The Last Drawer

A/N: Sorry this chapter is long, but I really wanted something kinda BIG to happen! Idk, thanks for the reads and everything! -Annabel    

Harry's P.O.V   

"Okay, what do you want to know?" she asked, "Um, where you from? I mean you have an American accent," "I'm from California, " she said, "My turn, what do you do for a living?" she asked cutting to the chase, "Oh, I see." I said, "You see what?" she asked, "I see, that you really want to know what I do for a living and I don't think I'm ready to tell you," I said serious, "What? Don't you trust me?" she asked, "It's not that its just trust is something I take seriously, I can't know you for a day and tell you all my secrets, it just doesn't work that way." I said sitting up, "Well why not?" she asked, Because that's how you get hurt, "Just because," I said, she sat up, "But I've known you for a day and I feel like I can trust you, why can't you do the same?" she asked, "Can you just drop it? when I'm ready to tell yo. I'll tell you okay?" I said standing up, "Okay," she whispered before standing up as well. "I'm hungry!" she said rubbing her tummy, I laughed a little lightening up the mood, "Me too," I said as we walked into the kitchen, she rummaged through the cabinets searching when I realized what was in the drawer right next to her, she was opening and closing the drawers inching closer and closer to the last one, "Gabrielle." I said, she reached for the last one, "Gabrielle" I yelled, she looked up shocked her hand on the knob of the drawer, "What?" she asked, "Nothing just, there's no food in there," I said motioning towards the drawer, "Well you didn't have to yell to tell me that!"  she said laughing. She stood up, and opened up one of the cabinets before shutting it. "What?" I asked, "I don't know," she said, "Your weird," I mumbled walking over to her, she laughed, "No I'm not!" she whined playfully pushing me but, I caught her hands pushing her up against me. I wrapped my arms around her waist before picking her up throwing her behind my shoulder and running off, "Harry!" she yelled hitting my back, "Put me down!" she demanded, "Well if you say so!" I said placing her on my bed, I crawled up so our faces were inches apart. My lips grazed hers not applying pressure just teasing her, I could tell she wanted me to kiss her and don't get me wrong I wanted to do more then kiss her. I just couldn't bring myself to do it, I flopped on my back next to her regretting it instantly. She sat up turning and looking down at me it was silent for a while, "Harry.." she whispered, "Yeah?" I asked, "Are you going to Megan's party tomorrow night?" she asked trying to relieve the sexual tension in the room,  "Um, yeah. Why? You?" I asked sitting up as well, she nodded. I was kind of hoping she wasn't going to go, I didn't want Zayn to bother her anymore then he already had. "Cool.." I said lazily slumping my shoulders, she sighed, a sort of sigh that had meaning behind as if she was trying to tell me something or ask me something ; a question all in a simple sigh. I knew what she wanted to know, what the hell just happened but, I played it off dumb and stood up. "You never got a chance to eat," I said , "Well maybe it was because I was so rudely interrupted!" she smiled standing up. We walked back into the kitchen, "How about I cook you something?" I asked, "You can cook?" she asked, "Yes, and I've been told I'm pretty good at it!" I said, she smiled well oaky then. I grabbed her by her waist lifting her up on the counter by the stove, "You just sit here and look pretty," I said "Well thats easy!" she said sarcastically as she flipped her hair behind her shoulder giggling. I turned around grabbing everything I needed, "What are you making?" she asked swaying her feet back and forth, "Its a surprise," I winked. About an hour later I picked her up and set her in a bar stool, "You know I have legs," she said, "I know, but I like holding you." I blurted quickly covering my mouth as she blushed. I awkwardly walked back in front of the stove putting the pasta in a bowl and setting it in on the bar in front of her. "Here ya go," I said "Looks delicious!" she said taking a bite, "And it is delicious!" she added, "Well thank you!" I said taking a bite as well. After we finished she grabbed my bowl setting them in the sink. "What time is it?" she asked, "Around nine, but I want you to stay!" I whined, "Yeah, but-" "No, please. Just for a bit please. It gets awful lonely in a big place like this." I added, she sighed in defeat, "Okay, but just for a bit."  "Let's watch a movie," I said, she nodded as I lead her towards the living area. I grabbed a few blankets as she popped in the movie we decided on 'The Hangover pt.2'. She took off her jacket before plopping herself on the couch lazily, I could tell she was tired.  She got wrapped in the blankets as I turned off the light before settling in next to her. We were laughing and joking the whole time and I listened to her faint yawns here and there before I felt her head fall on my shoulder. She yawned once more before I could feel her loosen up, "Gabrielle?" I asked a few minutes later and when no response was given I took it she was sleeping. I smiled picking her up and walking her into my room. 

Gabrielle's P.O.V 

 I woke up with a huge smile on my face for no reason at all, I could only remember the faint glimpses of the movie and the sound of his laugh and then falling asleep. I opened my eyes slowly, my eyes wandered slowly around the room when I didn't see blue walls covered in quotes and pictures of me and my friends I was quite surprised. I felt a body shift next to me before a hand slid over my waist pulling me closer. "Harry?" I whispered/asked clarifying I wasn't lying in bed like some stranger. "Sh, go back to sleep." he mumbled, I sighed in relief before grabbing my phone, '20 missed calls' I opened up the phone app realizing my Dad and Mom had called me twenty times in the last few hours, "Shit," I muttered, I clicked on my mom because she was he easiest to get through, "Where are you young lady!" she yelled into the phone. I sat up running my hand through my hair, "I, um, I stayed over at Angelique's house. " I lied, "We thought so, so we called her mom who said she hadn't seen you. Where are you Gabrielle?" she questioned sternly. I gulped back the lump in my throat, "Don't get mad, I just stayed at a friends house." "Which friend?" "Harry.." I whispered, "Who?" "Harry." I mumbled hoping she couldn't make out the name.  The line went quiet for a while, a little too long before she came back on but this time it as my father, "Gabrielle if your not here in ten minutes-" he was cut off by my phone being being pulled from my grasp. Harry ended the call before pulling me back into him, "Sleep." he mumbled

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