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  • Published: 30 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 3 May 2014
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Gabrielle never suspected she'd fall for the bad boy type, until she met Harry. The misunderstood flirt who is told he need's a tutor to pass Biology. That's where Gabrielle comes in, his new tutor. Harry's never been the 'romantic' type but he can't help but fall for her, but when a demon from Harry's past returns with bad intentions involving Gabrielle how far will Harry go to protect her?


15. The Break Up

Harry's P.O.V
"I can't do this anymore," I whispered as she sat across from me at the dinner table. "You can't do what?" She asked innocently taking a bite of her food. "Us-" I finished. Her fork fell with a clatter on the floor, "W-what do you mean?" She asked her voice sounded so brittle, "I can't okay, I just-" she sat up abruptly. "I have to go," she whispered as of trying to ignore anymore confrontation. "Gabrielle-" "No. It's fine, really. " She said giving me a weak smile. I could feel my heart break as she placed a soft kiss on my cheek, "I'll see ya around?" She asked trying her hardest to smile. I was sort of angered at her response, how quickly she was to just leave but I could here in her voice how badly she was hurt. I didn't want to do it, but it was my only way to protect her. Hunter told me if I didn't he would, well he would harm her. I wasn't going to let that happen and if that meant losing her I would just have to do it. I watched her walk back into my room and I followed suit. She was packing her stuff up, and with every thing she packed I could feel myself breaking. I never felt this way about someone, not even Anna. "Gabrielle," she stopped packing and she let out a sigh before turning to face me, "Yes," she croaked, "Please believe me when I say I never wanted to hurt you." I pleaded. She just looked at me, not saying a word just staring as if this was the last time she'd ever see me again. But I guess it was. She turned around finishing up with everything before she turned back around. "Um? Well I guess this is it." She whispered as her arm hugged her neck. Her eyes were glazed over with threatening tears but not one fell. I guess she really didn't want me to see her crying. She gripped the bag tighter before pushing past me and out the door.
Gabrielle's P.O.V
It's been a few weeks since the break up and surprisingly I haven't cried yet. I was heartbroken, depressed, lost. But I still hadn't found a tear. I avoided Harry on all costs but there was still one question that lingered in the depths of my mind: Why?. Why had he done it so soon? With absolutely nothing leading up to it, he ended everything we had like I was nothing to him. He gave me no explanation but honestly I didn't want one. I knew this was coming, he was just going to move to the next girl like always but I honestly thought what we had was different. Finally a few of my friends had talked me into going to a local club, I wasn't old enough but clearly passed for 21 After they sluttied me up. I really wasn't feeling any of it so I left. I was currently walking back home, it was only a few blocks away but it was still scary. “Say a word and I will kill you” the rough voice in front of me seemed so familiar but how? I gasped when I felt a cold, rough hand slide under my dress, another covering my mouth.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” I heard a familiar voice and The boy froze. I could faintly see a smirk on the his face. “Oh, come on, we were just having a bit of fun” He spoke.
“Not with her”The boy’s weight was lifted off my body. I recognized Harry as he slammed Hunter against the opposite wall. Hinter, yes that boy i me while me an Harry were dating but.. what? I was so confused. I found myself not able to look away from them no matter how badly I wanted to up and run. “Come on, Harry. We were just having some fun” Hunter repeated, suddenly seeming scared.
“Don’t give me any of your shit, Hunter. I told you to stay away from her. ” he pulled Hunter forward only to slam him into the wall, more forcefully this time.
“Harry-” the boy started.
But Harry didn’t give him a chance to finish and slammed his clenched fist into Hunters face, making contact with his jaw. I quickly covered my mouth to muffle a gasp. He didn’t stop. Harry repeatedly pounded his fist into Hunters already bruising and bleeding face. He finally stopped, letting go. Hunter, too dazed to stand, fell. “Get up, Hunter!” Harry kicked him in the stomach.
“Stop!” I finally found my voice, stepping in between Harry and Hunter, who was now struggling to get up. “You’ll kill him” I whispered coming to the realization of just what Harry was capable of. "Go home." Harry stated through clenched fists, I ignored his suggestion and remained in between them. "Go home, now!" He demanded through gritted teeth. "You should really listen to pretty boy over here, it gets awful scary around here at night." Hunter said finally standing up. I turned staring at Harry, I was silent watching his eyes and how dark they were, almost ; lifeless. I adjusted my dress and turned around walking out of the ally. I pulled out my phone and dialed my brother. He'd be pissed but not as mad as my mother, he pulled up a few minutes later his face almost red with anger. I climbed in an decided it'd be best not to say anything. I walked up the stairs, lazily kicking off my heels once I reached my room. I didn't feel like changing so I just sort of laid down letting out a breath. I relaxed and for the first time since me and Harry's break up. I cried. I cried for hours, about everything. Every little thing that had happened during our relationship and then what happened tonight. God, it angered me how badly I still loved him. I was quiet while I cried, a few sniffles here and there but the water fell from my eyes freely. I glanced over at the clock to find that it was nearly four in the morning and I had to get up in a few hours. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I woke up slowly getting out of bed. I walked into my bathroom staring at my tear stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes sighing. I didn't feel like getting all puckered up today so I just simply washed my face brushed through my waves and through on some black skinny jeans and Harry's old Ramones t shirt that he gave me. I honestly didn't care today, it still smelled of him and it brought tears back to my eyes. I quickly wiped them away grabbing my bag and heading to my car. I wasn't going to deal with all of that pointless makeup shit, there was no one left to impress. I pulled up to school keeping my head down the whole time as I rushed to my locker biting my lip to keep my self from bursting in tears.
Harry's P.O.V
I watched her walk over to her locker, debating on weather I should go talk to her. She looked exhausted and I could tell she had been crying, she had on my t shirt and it brought back all of those memories that I so deeply wished would go away. I just needed to get her out of my mind, I was doing this for her. I was only going to bring her hurt if I stayed around, and she deserved so much better. She turned around her eyes caught mine, and she froze I watched as a tear fell down her cheek. She quickly wiped it away before gripping her bag tighter and walking the opposite direction. The whole thing made me angry, knowing I had caused her pain made me want to hurt something. She was my everything yet I treated her as if she was nothing. I lost her. My classes went on forever, finally the bell had rang for dismissal and I gladly stood up and made my way towards the parking lot. I caught her eye again as walked to her car. I don't know what came over me but I walked over to her. I didn't know what I was doing, I had nothing to say to her, nothing I planned at least. "Harry," she nodded her voice coming out hoarse. "About last night-" "Save it." She whispered placing her finger over my mouth, "I don't care and I don't want an explanation. Thank you." She whispered. I nodded watching her, she couldn't look me in the eye, her eyes were glued to her white converse she sported. "Look at me," I demanded, her eyes caught mine by only for a few seconds edited they fell, "I-I can't." She whispered. "What's wrong?" I asked as another tear fell, she was quicker this time her thumb coming up quickly wiping away any evidence of the water. "Nothing, Harry! I'm fine." She said sarcastically, "Tell me," I asked clueless to her crying, "Why are you so sad?" "Because of you Harry, god damn it!" She yelled. The parking lot was rather empty by now, "Me?" I asked surprised, "Oh, don't look so surprised Harry." She scoffed. "Well, what did I do?" I asked. She stared at me wide eyed before turning around and getting into her car, I knocked on the window, "You hurt me," she whispered. She started her car and rolled up the windows before driving away. Hurt her? She barely said a word when I ended it. She even smiled? How did I hurt her? Last night she acted as if she was over me, over us. If anything she hurt me. I turned around and rushed to my car as it began to pour, the drive ride home was full of confusion and anger. I pulled up and ran in, my phone buzzed as I headed to the kitchen I picked it up to find that it was Nathan.. Gabrielle's brother. "Hello," I asked leaning up against the counter. "Harry, it's Gabrielle. She's hurt. She got in a car accident and it's pretty bad."
A/N: This whole chapter was absolute shit but I really needed to update! I'm so sorry, next chapter will be extremely better!
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