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  • Published: 30 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 3 May 2014
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Gabrielle never suspected she'd fall for the bad boy type, until she met Harry. The misunderstood flirt who is told he need's a tutor to pass Biology. That's where Gabrielle comes in, his new tutor. Harry's never been the 'romantic' type but he can't help but fall for her, but when a demon from Harry's past returns with bad intentions involving Gabrielle how far will Harry go to protect her?


12. Don't worry, love

Harry's P.O.V

I awoke memories from last nights activities flooding back, god she was so beautiful. I slipped from the bed throwing on my boxers and heading into the kitchen. I opened up the fridge grabbing some milk and eggs and then some flour preparing to make some pancakes for Gabrielle when she awoke. I had just finished flipping one when the doorbell rang. I turned off the burner before I walked towards the door opening it. "Hello Harry," Hunter greeted pushing past me inviting himself in. "What do you think your doing?" I asked grabbing his arm, he quickly shook me off, "Just stopping by," he smirked, "Hmm, is that bacon?" he asked finding his way into my kitchen. I growled, " Hunter what are you doing here?" I asked angry. "I just needed to talk to you about a few things," "Yeah, well you almost never personally come unless its something important so what is it?" I demanded. I watched his eyes trail along behind me a smirk finding its way upon his lips, "Harry?" I turned to see Gabrielle, she was wrapped in the white sheet her hair falling down,and looking as beautiful as ever. I quickly got up, walking to her, she noticed Hunter and immediately got behind me, "Sorry," she mumbled. "Why don't you go get dressed?" I chuckled, a smile never failing to form on my lips when I was around her. She laughed before walking back towards my room, "Damn," Hunter whispered. I ignored his pig remark before taking a seat back down, "So?" I asked nodding for him to continue. "Well, I have a fight scheduled for this Sunday. I know your last one was cancelled but this ones for sure." I nodded, "Its Sunday night 9 o'clock sharp." he said, "Oh, and maybe you should bring beautiful over there," he said motioning towards my door where Gabrielle appeared from. "Hunter, cool it." I threatened."Sunday," he repeated before passing Gabrielle on the way towards the door.She turned to me before running over and jumping into  my arms, she smiled before kissing me, I carried her back into the kitchen,setting  her up on the counter and continued to cook. "So, what do you want to do today?" I asked her flipping another pancake. "I'm really tired, why don't we just watch some movies?" she suggested. "You know that sounds amazing!" I replied before handing her a plate, I watched her grab the syrup and began to drizzle it on, she took a bite and I noticed she had some syrup on her lip, I leaned in  licking it up until I reached her lips. She giggled kissing me, "Stop Harry," she whined with a smile taking another bite. "But why? your so cute!" I smiled trying to kiss her again but, she laid back. So I took this as an opportunity and leaned in kissing her. She tried to back up but she got to the end of the counter. "Harry, let me eat!" she whined, "Not until you kiss me," "Harry, please. I'm hungry!" she laughed. When she saw I wouldn't budge she grabbed my face giving me a kiss. "Are you happy now?" she asked taking another bite. I nodded before taking a bite of hers, "Hey!" she laughed, "I love your laugh," I admitted taking another bite, "Harry," she warned as I reached for the last piece of bacon, I smirked, but before I could reach it she grabbed my face  kissing me, it turned into a full out make out session but little did I know her hand was traveling down and in an instant she pulled away taking a bite of the bacon she had stolen. "Sly," I whispered. I gripped her waist dragging her closer, "You know you want to give me a piece of that," I mumbled up against her lips. "Do I now?" she asked taking another bite, I nodded slowly. "Well. I guess, maybe." she said sticking the piece out for me, I opened my mouth preparing to take a bite when she stuck the rest of it in her mouth. "Gabrielle," I whined, she smiled before sliding down the counter in front of me, "Your cute when your frustrated," she stated. She slipped past me, I found her in the bathroom brushing her teeth. I leaned up against the door frame and watched, "You know, I could really go for a movie right now," "Sounds good," she smiled flicking off the light. I chose something scary, popping in 'Insidious' "Let's get comfortable, "I winked throwing off my t shirt leaving me in my boxers.  "God your such a flirt," she said playfully pushing me away, I caught her arm pulling her into me. "Let me help," I said with a smirk, I pulled off her shorts; leaving her in a t shirt and underwear. She crawled on top of me, and we snuggled up in my bed and for once in my life I felt, satisfied, happy. With her, always. She yelped nuzzling her face in my neck, "Why are we watching this again?" she asked, "Because," I smiled. She laid her head on my chest and watched the rain hit the glass window next to us, "The rains pretty," she smiled. "I just want to kiss you," I admitted, making her chuckle. She leaned in a kissed me, "I want you," she said through each kiss. I rolled on top of her leaving kisses down her neck.  The passionate moment ended with the scream from the TV causing her to scream and me to laugh. "Maybe later?" I smiled, my phone beeped and I rolled over picking it up. "Hello?" I asked not even checking the caller I.D. "Harry?" there was a familiar voice on the other end but I couldn't put my finger on it. "Who's this?" I asked, "Anna," she chuckled. "Anna? Oh my, how are you?" I asked sitting up from Gabrielle. "Good! I was just calling to see if you wanted to catch up?" she asked. "Yeah, of course!" I said falling into her spell. Me and and Anna used to date before she left for New York to pursue her career  See the thing was she was my first love, I followed her around like a puppy dog. She had me wrapped around her finger and still did, I guess. "What about coffee in, uh about an hour?" she asked. "I guess I could do that," I said before we said our goodbyes and hung up. "Who was that?" Gabrielle asked propping herself up on her knees in front of me, "Just an old friend," I said kissing her forehead, "I'm going to coffee later, is that okay?" "Don't ask me," she laughed. She rolled over clicking the TV off, "Well I guess I'll go get ready," I smiled before kissing her. When I was done I found her in the kitchen up on the counter reading, she looked so focused. "Well I guess I'll get going?" I said grabbing my phone and keys, "Well have fun," she said hopping down and walking over to me, she wrapped her hands around my waist. "Don't answer the door," I said in a serious tone, when the realization I was leaving her ..alone. "I promise," she said kissing my cheek, she walked me to the door, "Lock it," I whispered and after I walked out I waited until I heard it lock before ascending to my car.   

                                                                                   Gabrielle's P.O.V

I sighed walking around the huge flat, that was sudden, Harry just up and leaving like that. I walked into his study where there were shelves and shelves of books everywhere and a desk in the middle with his laptop a light and a huge fire place in the corner with a white fur rug. I ran my fingers along the dusty books grabbing out random ones and taking a seat near the fire, the wall closest to the fire was another glass window looking out on the dark forest surrounding the house. It all made me wonder again what he did to get all of this. I began to flip through the books and realized it was a photo album with little letters attached to the photos. I flipped through a few of mostly just Harry and some friends before I saw a girl who began to appear frequently in the photos and my curiosity got the best of me and I opened one of the letter next to a picture of her and Harry in the snow smiling.  "My love for Anna has grown,  I want her, I need her, she's the only person in the world who has ever made me feel like this," I read out loud, "Her beauty is mesmerizing and her laugh never fails to bring a smile to my face, I know I want her to be mine. I want to wake up to her face every morning and fall asleep with her in my arms every night. She accepts me, for me." I finished reading and set down the letter. I felt nauseous. I folded the letter back in and closed the book. I set them on his desk making a mental note to put them back before Harry returned. His computer beeped and I walked over taking a seat in the big comfy chair, I was feeling very curious today when it came to Harry and opened it. The subject section of the email read: 'Clips from your fight last weekend'. The clip began to play and I watched. It was Harry and some other guy in a ring, it looked dark and dusty and there were people everywhere cheering. I watched as Harry practically killed the other guy in the ring sending the crowd erupting in cheers. The whole thing sickened me, really. "So this is what he does?" I mumbled before closing the page. I glanced over at the clock to realize I'd been in here for about an hour and a half, "Gabrielle?" I froze turning around to be met with those pair of green eyes. "W-what are you doing?" he asked stepping in, he looked around the room and saw the books scattered and his laptop open, "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked, "I-I thought you wouldn't want me if I did," he whispered. "Harry, what you do, you do. I'm not mad at you for it. Just the fact that you didn't tell me. You weren't honest." I got up and walked past him, he caught my arm, "I'm sorry," he muttered. I turned around and stared up at him  not saying a word, his eyes pleaded for me to stay but I just couldn't. I walked into his room slamming the door behind me with a lock and practically throwing myself on his bed with a sigh. "Gabrielle," he croaked, "I'm sorry," he repeated through the door. I closed my eyes drowning out his cries and before I knew it I was asleep. I awoke to find the door opened even after I locked it, the hinges were broken off meaning he literally broke it down. I looked over to see him on the ground next to the fireplace, I looked out of the glass wall to find that it was nighttime. He was looking outside kind of lost in thought, I sat up slowly. "Don't leave," he whispered. "I wasn't planning on it," I said slipping from the bed and walking to him. "You know I love you right?" he smiled looking over at me, "I know," I smiled snuggling up against his chest. "I-It just scares me, seeing you like that. I don't want you to get hurt." I said my tone serious. He looked down at me, "Don't worry, love." he whispered. 

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