Crazy,Young, and Wild

Ally and her friends were the crazy type they love partying and hanging with friends. But Ally game finally changed when she met 5 boys at the beach that changed her point of view of everything
.{one direction isnt famus in this story}
My first story!i hope u like its better then it seems!just dont want to give anything away.
rated pg15. and yes i just made that up lln, which means laugh like niall!


4. What the hell did i get myself into?

                           They kicked the door open giving Niall a straight line for the.. what was he running to the pool!

             "Niall, put me down right now or i will cut off your little irish balls!" I yelled, hereing the other boys laughing in the back ground.

       "You better put her down.Do you really wanna regrow them again!" Harry said laugh, soon all of us joined in.Niall set me down.THANK GOD. But to my luck only to get picked up by a Lou, soon getting thrown into a pool.

            "SHIT," i yelled getting hit by the warm water of the pool. I came up glaring at there laughing faces. The pool would be a orignal pay back.And anyone who knew me new i was not orignal. I texted montana and Caley to meet me in the back of the yard near the horses. I had a prank in mind.

            The boys helped me out of the pool laughing.

               " Sorry" they all said clearly lieing.

         "Its ok" i lied back they were in for pay back.

           They took me on a walk through the trails they had in the woods,at the end of there proptrety. I had chaged into a bathing suit they had bought me and they all had the trunks on. the day was very hot.

      " How much longer?" i asked annoyed. We had been walking for about an hour while Tana and Caley were setting up my plan for me.

           "Just allitle bit longer love" Liam said nicley

      "But my feet hurt i complanied. I didnt have any shoes cause the only ones i had were fancy flats.

            "Do you want a piggy back ride?" Lou asked politly.

       "YES" i yell running and jumping on his back. His touch gave me the chills. I had to admit i liked being this colse to him. Yea we were both sweating but in a way it was romantic you could say.

       "WERE HERRE" Lou yelled. It was a beautiful siight to see. There was a little open area in the middle of the woods. It was coverd in green grass. In the corner was a little stream with a little waterfalls down the hill side it was absoulutly beautiful.

              " This is so beautiful, How did you guys find this place." I asked with a bewilderd exprestion on my face.

    " Kinda just came upon it when we were having a snowmobile race in the winter." Liam said smiling

       "When ever we are here werid stuff happens, its like a magical place. One day you come here and go home with a giant smile other times you go home cring, running away from something that you think is here its very werid." Harry said looking at the place.

       " You guys are just trying to scare me." I said they just wanted me to be all cuddly and want to go home and be a scared little chiken.

       "What ever you say gorgeous." Niall said with a half way serrouis look on his face. If they were trying to scare me lets just say i worked.

          "Can we just go back. i wanna see the horses!" i said happly trying not to let them know that i just wanted to leave.

           "Ok ill get the golf cart!" Lou said runing into the woods. Who keeps a golf cart in the middle of the woods.Then he came rolling up. All of the guys jumped on to the open seats and then the rest standing in the back.

           "Where am i suposed to sit?" i asked kinda annoyed

                  "You can sit on my lap love!" Niall said. whatever i thought sitting on niall and putting my legs on Zayn and Lou





            We arrived at the barn door to the horses.

   "Go on Lou Niall, dont try to stay behind. Are you scared of some little horses.?" I questioned laughing.

      " No" they both said, we wil go first. I got them tehe!!!!!

    They both enter at the same time, Opening the door,you could tell they heard a claging sound. Both looking up getting a face full of horse Shit!

                  "You do not mess with Allyson Andersan!" i yelled. Giving Montana and Caley high fives as the walkd out

           "We are going to kill you!" They both yelled angerly.

           "Gotta catch me first!" i laugh running torwards the pond

     I was a pretty fast runner, i had dont cross contry and track ever since 7th grade. They had no chance! I ran to the rope on the pond swinging into it landing in a splash.

          "Are you chikens gunna get in or stand around like a lion looking for somebody to hump?" i questioned. Swimming to the middle of the pond flooding on my back. Hearing the sound of people jumping it. They started swimming torwards me fast, you could tell how tired Lou was getting.

       " Can you get her this time im whipped." Niall nodded his head yes swimming torwads me. I swam all the way to the end of the pond,dripping wet running into the woods hiding behind a tree breathing heavy.

     After about 1 min i had catched my breath about to sneak out, accidentlt snapping a twig. A wet Niall appared in front of me.

  The shit had been wash of the the water thank god. He looked very handsum, with is cheeks flushed read with anger and sweat. His hair all messed up. I had to admit, he sure was'nt bad looking.

              he had me pinned up aganist a tree looking hungerly at me with a smirk on his face. All of a sudden he leaned in to kiss me forcing my body up aganist a tree smashing his lips to mine for about ten seconds. I was so confused i finally kissed back, having him pull away.

    "We dont tell the others about this ok?" he asked looking gulity. i Just shoooked my head yes.

         "Race ya!" i said taking off.

    "no fair " he yelled in the distance. What was i going to do about this boy. All i new is that if Frankie found out, i would'nt live to see the sun the next morning.
















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