Crazy,Young, and Wild

Ally and her friends were the crazy type they love partying and hanging with friends. But Ally game finally changed when she met 5 boys at the beach that changed her point of view of everything
.{one direction isnt famus in this story}
My first story!i hope u like its better then it seems!just dont want to give anything away.
rated pg15. and yes i just made that up lln, which means laugh like niall!



                   As I got out of the shower,i heard shooting in the distance. I pressed my ear to the door trying to hear what they were saying.

            "Serously Lou! Can't i have this one girl!" I heard Niall shout, thorugh the door.

                  " I'm sorry man, we both like her the best thing to do is let her pick"  Lou said sadly.

                                    "Yeah, i guess mate. you should leave now, I don't hear the shower anymore." He acknowledged

           "Yeah, i'm sorry man i mean the penuis does the piken right?" He said laughing,while I hear the bedroom door shout.

                     Shit,I think to myslef!I forgot my cloths! I akwardly walk of the bathroom with only a towel on. I walk rather fast to the bag of cloths i have acrossed the room. Terribly that means that I have to walk in front of the tv, what Niall willl me watching. As I walk to and from the corner of the room i feel Niall eyes on me. Why did he have to do that? So what if he liked me, it just puts me in the akward sittuation. Of course, since my mind is elsewhere, I trip and fall flat on my face in front of the TV. Niall runs up to help me.

                 "Are you ok?" He asked, with a worried tone.

               "Yeah just imbarresed." I say trying to cover myself up with the towel that fell a little to low to my liking. He just shook his head understanding, walking back to the bed while looking away. THANK GOD, he was understading for this one moment in time!

                   I quickly got ready, dressing, blow dring my hair, and doing a light makeup. As i'm getting ready i hear the 'pit' p'patter' of the rain on the roof. I hope what ever he had planned was indoors.

          I walk out of the bathroom to see a fully dressed Niall laying on the bed.

                 "Well hello beautiful." He smiled, looking me up and down. Why didi he keep doing that? I watched him get out of his bed, walking up to hug me.

    "You look like your mind is else where?" He questioned pulling away from the hug. H e was staring at me; almost he was scanning me to pull out the information from me. I could'nt just lie when he looked at me like that but at the same time I did'nt want to ruin the day.

           "Nothing,how could it? I'm spending my day with you!" I said sweetly.Being a half way good liar was truly a bad quality. When you never got accused of lieing, it made you so much more confident to do it more.

             He nodded, while puting his hand on the small of my back leading me towards the bedroom door. I felt him put his hand around my waist to stop me from walking. As he slowly pulled his mouth to my ear.

                     "Try to keep quiet,we don't want to many of the boys knowing i'm taking you out. ok?" I shock me head yes. Why were they all being so sercetive. It really bugged me; it was like they had a past,they swore to never speak about.

        He lead me through the house that still confused me. He walked us up to his black ranger,opening the door for me. I got in,whipping the water off me. We had a silent car ride. Not like a akward silence but it was confterbol. I could tell he still thought somthing was bothering me alittle but he chosse to let it go. At the same time,I could tell something was bothering him as well. The way I had to poke him cause he would get lost in thought and not realise that the light turned green.

    We arrrived at a park in the middle of the woods. There was a trail of candels that lead to a gaint willow tree, with the braches/ string things,(I have no idea what to call it, look up a pic) touching the groud. He pushed a opening in the strings to reval the area to be cover in candels with a picnic blanket and a basket. All I could do was admire my surrondings. I had never had a guy put so much work into a date.

          "Niall I can't even pit this into words,.... i have never had someone do something so nice for me."

                   "Well, I think you have been hanging around the wrong people." He said fully sensire. He leaned in to peck my cheek, leading me to the picnic blanket.

           The whole date was just ..well.. wow. We talked about are familys, past life, past break ups everything. We had peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches and a bottle of wine. We feed each other cholcalte coverd starberries.

     I had never been so open to someone before. We just clicked so easly somehow.

         "I wanna try something." He stated smiling at me, taking my hand to help me up. He had a bag of popcaorn and were seeing how many we could throw in each others mouths. The whole time getting hit every so often with a splash of water. I had slipped falling onto Niall who was leaning aganist the tree trunk. We stared into each others eyes for alittle bit. Taking in each others face features. I noticed he had lots of small moles on his face, that were just so cute. When he suddenly filped me over so i was pressed aganist the tree trunck. He slowly leaned in, reading my every move to see if I would deny. He paused right in front of my face, waiting for me to close the gap; which i did. As we kissed, there was something there that I had never felt before. Usally there was no emeothion in my kissing but this.. this was differnt. Are lips moving in sync just felt so right. So gentle. He pulled away after agood while. he pulled me into a tight hug. Shoving his head into the crook of my neck.

                       " I'm guessing you just felt what i felt." I asked into his back. I feel him nod

              "I never have felt a kiss like that before in my life." He said, pulling away looking stright into my eyes. Then we felt the rain start to poor down harder,and thunder in the distance.

                          "We better get going." He stated. Before i could anwser he lifted me up bridal style, running to the car. While i giggled the whole way.

         Once in the car we had another confeterbal silence, are hands never leaving eachothers touch.




                           We got home sneaking into the house. Luckly they were already alsleep; it was 1am after all. As we walked into Niall bedroom, quickly getting a change of cloths,then going to lay in bed with him.

           "I really like you Ally." He said rolling over to face me.

                      "Good cause i really like you." I smiled leaning in to kiss him again. As we were kissing, the door budged open.


                 "Where did y......" Harry paused mid sentance seeing us. He looked so mad his face turn so angrey.

        "Niall hall way now" He said with no emotion on his face. As Niall was walking to Harry, I saw Harry fist make contect with his face. A gasp exscaped my lips, while Harry just turned to walk away. I could smell the achool in the room. Harry had been druck. I lay there cring. tring to wake Niall.



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